Monday, February 15, 2016

Donald Trump Witness at the House Task Force on Economic Recovery 1991 VIDEO

Donald Trump on Economic Recovery (1991)
This is a very in depth opinion on the economic recovery, everyone should watch this and you will know how Trump thinks. This was especially an interest to me, because I was selling real estate during this
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The House Task Force on Urgent Fiscal Issues met on November 21, 1991 to discuss the credit shortage in the U.S. and whether it is stifling America’s economic recovery. Witnesses included financier Donald
Trump and the former chairman of the FDIC, William Seidman, who testified on the current recession and proposals to spur economic growth and investment...

Some of the Comments:
Wanted to watch just a few seconds but ended up watching the whole video! Trump is a very smart man, he's the president we need today. Go Trump!!!
+Tpo News I came exactly to see Young trump speak like the bad ass he is, but ended up watching the whole entire video, like WTF, lol, it's so crazy.Trump 2016!
Genius...absolutely Genius. Vote in the primaries!!! We need to pray for Trump. 2016 is coming up.
+The Great Restoration Trump was 20 YEARS ahead of this current MESS .... TRUMP 2016
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Smartest candidate out there, no question Trump knows exactly what this country needs to be no.1 again
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+JaayPeey Agreed!
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WAKE UP American!! ---- We all must VOTE TRUMP, this is our last hope. ----Trump confident, smart and Love America that SCARES  all media and powerful groups.   Don't let Media control you, they all LIES and Brainwashed us for a long time.
We need to PRAY for Trump, his safety, and rise to his presidency! !!
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Can't Stump Trump's America
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just goes to show, don't believe the bad being said about Donald these days... GOVERNMENT MEDIA IS IN PANIC MODE. TRUMP 2016
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We've never had a president this knowledgeable on capitalism and the economics. With Trump, it will be jobs jobs jobs!!!
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Trump is such a genius. Look how grand his mind and judgment are! He has a special gift at being smart and wise in economics and business. By the way, those tax laws that ruined so many in 1986 looks to have been made via banks, to take land away from American citizens. It's happened over and over again. I actually worked for a U.S. program to "help" Americans with their mortgages and I heard of so many actual real everyday people telling me how they actually made their payments perfectly, and the banks would send letters saying they never got the payment(s). Then when they went back to talk to a banker, they would get told that they didn't have the information or some run around, or that it was being resolved, then they were stalled into actual default and they lost their homes, sometimes a multi-generational home passed down from forefathers, and some of the loan were only for repairs or remodeling, and many times when they didn't need a loan, they were talked into it by the banks years earlier. My resume on paper stinks, but what I've seen and heard and know about all sorts of things in life, I tell ya. Trump may have some spiritual and moral faults, I can't judge. But, then again, I am very narrow minded, a Traditional Old School Catholic, although I am young, so I think everyone should be a good, observant, traditional Catholic, including Trump, and I don't believe in divorce. But, as far as I can see, he's the only person I would vote for, and I have tremendous trust in him. I have never cared nor been excited to vote until I heard Trumps speeches and debates. I was totally apathetic to politics, except for issues on abortion, until Trump came this year. He inspires me with hope for this country again. I study him. He is inspirational. To hell with political correctness. And, I think if he becomes president, he will not only exceed his fan's expectations, but he will have some very amazing positive and good surprises up his sleeves for our good, for Americans. My grandparents, and parents and myself were born American citizens, although of Spaniard and Hispanic descent, in the U.S. territory and commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and my grandfather of Spaniard ancestry in Florida. He has my Hispanic vote. I'm Hispanic and I love him. I pray to God to keep him always safe! He is pretty awesome!
+Mark 975 He will, just like Reagan did. :)
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here now on Dec 10, 2015. Wow, this should be kinda eye-opening to a lot of people who really don't know what Trump is all about. he's a smart motherfucker. back then he was well-respected and brilliant. can you imagine how much wiser he is now? people are haters on him and don't know anything other than he's on TV.
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+MrDuds1984 honestly, he is still this guy and more just from more life experience.   the real problem for some accepting Trump is that all they know him for is The Apprentice and a guest on Late Night television.   a large portion of the world wasn't born or old enough to remember this business man Trump.
The media needs to go back to videos like this to show Trump addressing real problems in an intelligent and common sense manner - 25 years before he ran for President. Does he come off as a "clown" or "buffoon", or "not a serious candidate" here? You be the judge.
lol 1:01 - 1:05 .. that look on his face .. he knows he's a badass
+d jones I had to laugh seeing you say that:)) Ever catch that Elvis grin of his? I you watch closely, you will see it pop out every once in a while.
+d jones Looks like a genetic trait. I bet his dad gave the same look.
6:33 "By having cut the high income tax rates to 25%...People don't have the incentive anymore to invest...But the fact is, that 25% for high income people, it should be raised substantially, with the understanding that if you invest, you can get it down substantially below that number...I say leave the middle, leave the lower, LOWER THEM! But people with money have to have the invest." A rich guy who actually advocates for higher taxes for the wealthy, lower taxes for the less wealthy, and wants to stimulate domestic investment? THIS GUY SHOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT!
+Pitt the Elder Almost every word Trump said in this hearing is as relevant for 2008 and 2016, as it was in 1991. "Survive t'ill '95!" Look at the S&P chart. It absolutely spiked in 1995. "Unemployment is much higher than the official numbers." Same as today.
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Trump has been at this for a LONG time. It would be amazing to get someone of his stature/experience as the leader of the free world. Maybe it would actually help us move away from the edge of the $19TT cliff we are teetering on?
+Res Judicata Indeed, Amen!
+Res Judicata Trump is a hard hitting realist. You know; Donald will drop that hot potato IN your LAP ... if it's YOURS. Go TRUMP 2016
he sounds freaking smart here
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TRUMP is the best of the best.
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Vote for Trump.
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Donald shows how focused he is, how brilliantly he expresses himself and with such classiness....He always was brilliant and for them to call on him to testify, was just another credit to who he is...
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Trump is a genius- if the american people decide to NOT choose him for 2016- and instead go 4 years at the minimum with the current kabale- there is NO way the US can return to former grace. This IS "the last shot". Not only just for the US, but for western civilization as we know it.
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Can't we just put this guy in office already?
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+Justin Jones You're absolutely right. He needs no election because knows what the country needs to be # 1 again. He has no comparison amongst the GOP candidates. His intelligence began since his infancy.
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