Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Donald Trump Victory in New Hampshire

What a victory!  Because of your incredible support, for which I am so thankful, this nation is now one step closer to strength, security and economic success.

I want to thank my family, campaign staff, hardworking volunteers, and every resident of New Hampshire who went to the polls and voted. I am touched and inspired by your spirit, patriotism, and desire to Make America Great Again.

This win is just the beginning. In order to secure the nomination, I need your help. If you would like to volunteer with the campaign and help make victories possible in other states, please click here.

Without your passion and dedication, I would not be able to share my vision with people all across the county. With your help, we will make the country stronger and better than ever before. We are going to start winning again! We will win on trade, on immigration, on the military, on jobs and on so much more. Together, we will Make America Great Again! 
Best Wishes and Sincere Thanks,

Donald J. Trump