Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Donald Trump Rally:The Single Best Moment of the 2016 Campaign So Far-Video

The Single Best Moment of the 2016 Campaign So Far in North Augusta, SC

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Thank you so much to the readers who sent this video to me.

Took place today during a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina. As I understand it, a protester attempted to disrupt the event and these two men quickly escorted said protester from the floor. Donald Trump, so impressed and grateful by their quick and efficient action, brought them on stage to say a few words.

What followed was both unscripted and sincere and might very well be the single best moment of the 2016 Campaign so far.

I especially like when the second gentleman steps to the mic. He’s clearly not much for public speaking, but he gets the crowd cheering nevertheless. Both men speak of the need for real change in this country, and their belief Donald Trump can be an agent for that change. Regardless of whether or not you are a supporter of Mr. Trump shouldn’t be relevant. This is truly grassroots politics here, where average-Joe Americans stand shoulder to shoulder with a billionaire who would be president and are allowed to speak their mind. It is a moment that represents something much bigger than a single candidate, campaign, or an election.
It is just so…AMERICAN.
Loved it.