Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SC Governor Nikki Haley Dissing Donald Trump Explained:It Was for the GOP

by George Willams 
Rush Limbaugh is the smartest political analyst around. I have thought so for 20 years. For 3 or 4 years, I have heard Nikki Haley referred to as the saviour of the Conservatives and Rising Republican Star... but when the rubber met the road, Nikki Haley never (NEVER) seemed to be standing with the Conservatives. So, today, El Rushbo hizzself, 'splained Political Analysis to me. 
1. It is the ESTABLISHMENT that keeps pushing Nikki Haley into the spotlight. It is little wonder that she is no Conservative. She was picked by the Republican Nonconservatives.
2. Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham are from the same Republican Club in SC. Duh. She is no Conservative and she does not represent me in politics for I am Conservative (I am Spartacus!).
3. Nikki Haley is an Establishment Republican and is Anti-Trump. She is building the Anti-Trump Firewall in SC. The Trump Resistence plans too try and kill the Trump campaign in SC. If he does nor win Iowa and someone else pulls ahead in NH, SC would be a 3rd loss. These folks are trying to kill the goose that wi hand America the Golden Eggs.. all over CONTROL.
4. I know that Trump is not a solid Conservative, as we would wish, but he is better perhaps. Trump sees the quicksand which is obvious to most hardworking Americans. We are being played by politicians. It takes an Ass Kicker to avoid the quick sand and in an ass kicking contest, I like Trump. We are battling the word police. If it is not the PC word police it is the muslim word police. Trump sees the danger in not being able to separate a good Syrian Muslim Refugee from a Jihad Terrorist Syrian Muslim Refugee. They look alike and the government cannot get data on them to vet them properly. Trump and I want to keep the Foxes out of the henhouse and Obama and the Democrats wants to let them in, in an act of humanitarian magnanimosity. The word police go berserk.
5. We need Trump. He sees the quicksand in Syrian Refugees. Maybe we need to call them Syrian Refugees or Arab Refugees, or Middle Eastern Regugeez and not Muslim Refugees. Just change a word. Trump is an Ass Kicker. We need Trump.
6. We need Rush Limbaugh too.