Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Iranians Releases the captured U.S. Navy Crew Members

A U.S. official said all 10 American sailors captured by Iran are on board the USS Anzio getting initial medical checks.

The sailors came under their own power on their two boats to a rendezvous point in the Persian Gulf and were transferred to the USS Anzio, the official said.

They were escorted by Iranian boats that turned back when rendezvous point in international waters was reached, the U.S. official said.
The exact circumstances surrounding the incident, which comes at a volatile moment in U.S.-Iran relations, remained unclear.  The two small boats, used largely on coastal waters and on rivers, had been en route from Kuwait to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf when they disappeared from the Navy’s scopes. Senior administration officials said the vessels appeared to have experienced mechanical trouble or ran out of fuel, but Fars said the sailors had been “snooping.”[These are the U.S. Navy riverine command boats that Iran just ‘took into custody’]