Monday, January 18, 2016

ICYMI: Sunday Talk Shows January 17 2016

January 17, 2016
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Poll: Clinton’s lead rises to 25 points nationally   Clinton held a 19-point lead in a similar NBC/WSJ poll in December.
Clinton ‘pleased’ Sanders ‘flip-flopped’ on guns   Sanders later touted his "D-" ranking from the NRA.
Hillary: FBI hasn’t interviewed me on emails   The FBI last week said it is expanding its investigation.
Clinton doesn’t plan to see Benghazi movie: 'I'm just too busy campaigning'   Several Republicans have said "13 Hours" details her negligence in the attack.
Clinton: Rahm's future is for Chicago to decide   Democrats have joined African Americans in calling for the mayor to resign.
Sanders: I have a ‘good chance to win this election’   “We are now ahead in New Hampshire,” he added. “I think we’re closing the gap in Iowa."
Sanders hits Hillary on Wall Street   Clinton also tried to disentangle herself from ties to Wall Street.
Sanders ‘disappointed’ in Chelsea Clinton   Chelsea Clinton said her mother's rival wants to "dismantle" the healthcare system.
Sanders promises to release medical records   “Thank God I am very healthy. We will get our medical records out."
Trump: Ted Cruz is ‘nasty,’ a ‘total hypocrite’   “Nobody likes him. Nobody in Congress likes him," Trump said.
Trump: ‘I will be great for African Americans’   "President Obama, an African American, has done a terrible job for African Americans."
Trump open to campaign finance reform   “Well, I think you need it, because I think PACs are a horrible thing."
Bush: Trump offering ‘the moon and the stars’   "The guy's entertaining, for sure. But his ideas aren't gonna help people."
Kasich dismisses talk of a spot on Trump ticket   A National Review op-ed floated him as a potential Trump running mate.
GOP clash intensifies over 'New York values'   Cruz said the has been manufactured by "the media elite in New York and D.C."
Bashing Cruz, Rubio defends shift on immigration   Conservatives have attacked the Florida senator as too soft on deportations.
Constitutional lawyer: Cruz ‘right’ about citizenship   But Floyd Abrams said the Supreme Court likely would not hand down a decision if petitioned.
Former senator: Trump ‘scored big’ against Cruz   Al D’Amato said Trump did a “magnificent job” at Thursday's debate.
Schumer: Trump 'right on the money' defending NY   “I’m a Democrat, but Donald Trump did a very good job defending New York,” Schumer said.

Cruz blasts 'dangerous' prisoner swap with Iran   "This deal is a really problematic deal and it reflects a pattern we've seen."
Rubio on freed Americans: ‘These people were hostages’   “If you take an American hostage, Barack Obama will cut a deal with you."

Ryan: 2016 is dress rehearsal for 2017   "This will not be an agenda you can pass with a liberal progressive as president."


Rep. Israel: I’m leaving Congress because of fundraising   “I just don’t think I could take another day asking another donor for another dollar."

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