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ICYMI Reported: Maricopa County Republican Mandatory Meeting on 1-16-16 Was A Donnybrook

Maricopa County Republican Mandatory Meeting: Was Heaven and Hell with HeavenLeft Off Agenda-Video
Reports from varied sources the Maricopa County Republican Mandatory and Special Meeting were Heaven and Hell with Heaven left off agenda.
Maricopa Co GOP meeting held at PHX church. 1006 PCs in attendance. 989 proxies. Shane Wikfors posted a video
The highlight of hours from approximately 9AM to 6:00 Pm was the “Anybody but McCain” Resolution which passed with 921 yea’s 582 nays.
The Special Meeting was to oust the 1st and 2nd vice for reasons not given at the meeting.  1st and 2nd vice were ousted and the Chairman was retained. From reposts of the Special meeting it was conducted by mob rule.
The MCRC Leadership has ignored the bylaws pc’s job description is very clear and it’s not to be activist. I have been reminded of this more than once. There is nothing in the Bylaws or job descriptions that allows the Chairman to be an activist against elected Republicans or candidates.
“Maricopa County Republican Committee” MCRC CONTINUING BYLAWS, REVISED 2014
B. Maricopa County Republican Chairman
The duties of the MCRC Chairman shall be to:
1. Represent the MCRC in an official capacity,
2. Be the recognized leader of the Republican Party in Maricopa County and coordinate the countywide activities of the Republican Party,
3. Preside at all meetings of the MCRC and the EGC unless he designates a member of the EGC to preside in his stead,
4. Appoint all committees and subcommittees except as specifically provided for in these Bylaws,
5. Have usual powers of supervision and management as may pertain to the office of chairman or shall be assigned by the EGC,
6. Prepare a budget for the calendar year and submit such budget to the EGC for adoption,
7. Furnish a monthly Itemized statement to the EGC for reimbursement of reasonable out of pocket expenses in the performance of duties as Chairman (as set forth in the annual budget). Any expense in excess of the amount budgeted shall be subject to the approval of the EGC,
8. Have the authority to employ an Executive Director and other compensated positions on a part time or full time basis commensurate with the financial ability of the MCRC and subject to the approval of the EGC. The EGC shall determine the salary scale of the employees of the MCRC,
9. Have the authority to terminate the employment of the executive director and other employees,
10. Establish the duties of the Executive Director,
11. Be an authorized co-signer on checks,
12. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
13. Resign upon formal announcement of candidacy for a paid elective office.
Section 2 - Authority
These Bylaws are created to govern the MCRC of the Republican Party of Arizona, existing under and by virtue of the ARS. These Bylaws shall, when not in conflict with state laws, establish a working organization, and prescribe rules governing the conduct of meetings, and business of the MCRC, its officers and committees. These Bylaws shall apply and be binding upon the MCRC as a whole and also, where applicable, upon the District committees and PCs. The EGC has the authority to rule on any question brought before it from a MCRC member concerning the interpretation of county or legislative district bylaws.
E. Duties of PC
The duties of PCs shall include, but not be limited to:
1. Voting, in person or by proxy, at each and every district and county party election when qualified to do so,

2. Assisting the Republican Party in voter registration,
3. Assisting and encouraging Republican voters to vote on election days,
4. Attending all District meetings,
5. Working within the precinct from which elected,
6. Creating enthusiasm and support for the Republican Party,
7. Helping elect worthy Republican candidates,
8. Recruiting and training leaders of the Republican Party, and
9. Fostering loyalty to the Republican Party and promote its ideals.
10. The PC shall provide the district, county, and state party offices with an email address, if they have one.
District, county and state party offices may not allow email addresses to be used for any purpose other than internal party communications and shall not distribute an email address to anyone, including other PCs without the express consent of the affected precinct committeeman.
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1. 10 1/2 hours due to infighting, stalling and other childish shenanigans. 
Last word on Maricopa County GOP meeting: big win 4Team LaFaro (as in A.J.). County 2. GOP so far right, @SenJohnMcCain might as well be @SenBernie
3. County GOP now fighting over whether they should remove volunteer leadership. Wackos want heads of 1st and 2nd vice chairs, 4 no good reason
4. Dan Grimm is running the meeting, though he publicly supports removal of 1st and 2nd vice chair
5. Results: Both 1st and 2nd vice chairs of county GOP removed for not being crazy enough. Chair Tyler Bowyer survived
6. Discussion over on anybody but @SenJohnMcCain resolution over. Right wing despises McCAin over Gang of 8 bill and other moderate stances
7. Another anti-resolution speaker says "this is a mistake" and "we're shooting ourselves in the foot" w/resolution
8. Anti-resolution speaker says "we're setting ourselves up for a fall" with anybody but @SenJohnMcCain
9. Anybody but @SenJohnMcCain resolution passed 921 t0 582 at county GOP meeting
10. Easier I asked one GOP stalwart if they wld vote for @RepKirkpatrick in general election. He said some Rs might go that way
11.Well, its a good thing the voters of Az. dont feel the same way as the 921 whack jobs that voted that way.
12. @SenJohnMcCain can take some consolation in that anybody but resolution wasn't overwhelming. About 60 percent of MCRC voted in favor

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