Saturday, January 23, 2016

Glenn Beck calls Donald Trump “Hitler” and supporters “Nazis” ahead of Cruz event in Iowa

(Breitbart) Glenn Beck, who is rallying with Senator Ted Cruz, called Donald Trump a “Hitler” and his supporters Nazis. The Cruz campaign has not commented on this insult.
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Beck: Trump has the ‘Makings of Adolf Hitler’
On his Thursday radio program, Glenn Beck offered his thoughts on remarks made by Rush Limbaugh two days earlier declaring nationalism and populism had overtookconservatism, in particular regarding Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s ascendency in the 2016 presidential race.
According to Beck, if Limbaugh’s analysis is accurate it spells doom for the “republic.”
“I want you to listen carefully to what he is saying,” Beck said. “I hope he is wrong on this because this is the biggest warning about the end of the republic I think I have ever heard coming from Rush Limbaugh.”
Beck argued that those components of nationalism and populism were “the makings of Adolf Hitler,” which he called “a dangerous combination.”
“This means anyone who will wrap themselves in the flag, not on their principles — anyone who will say, ‘I’m just like you and I’ll fix it,’ will overtake the principles,” Beck said. “Now I don’t know if he is saying this in a good way or a bad way, but this is a very bad thing.”

“That’s why you should be freaking out,” he added. “Look, we have nothing against Donald Trump as a man. We don’t. It’s just this is a very dangerous combination and I have been warning against it since Fox. I said keep your eyes open because it will come. The pendulum will swing the other way and it will be bad. The only other thing you have to add to that — he’s talking about populism and nationalism. If you add socialism — populism, nationalism and socialism, you have the makings of Adolf Hitler. You don’t somebody who is a nationalist, a populist and has any kind of socialist or nationalizing the banks kind of ideas. Not a good idea, not a good idea.”
John ·
Dude .... why are you acting so mentally challenged (the nice term)... just because shit isn't going your boy Cruz' way you start calling names.. and being .. childish??
I actually understand why Fox fired your ass now... Congratulations you just alienated any fan base you had....
David W. Flegel ·
Beck, Are you really that ignorant, Do you realize how many supporters Trump has and your making stupid statements. Your dooming your career by calling Trump supporters Nazi, You sound just like a Liberal!!
Patsy just condemned yourself as an AH for all eternity. This should help you sleep tonight...#TrumpLandslide2016. Nightey, night.
Nancy Duffield Dunn ·
Are you in a corner sucking your thumb, while you are writng this? Go get a a baby bottle and put some hard liquor in it and suck it up buttercup. I don't know, if you realize it Glenn Beck, but no one cares about what you think.
Marion  ·
How dare you Mr. Glenn Beck, you do not know who Hitler nor the Nazies were! I grew up after the war in Germany, I know and you do not. You have no right to compare anyone, Sir!
If I ever had respect for you, just a bit you now totally lost it. Kindly shut your trap, if you do not know what you are talking about.
Lisa  ·
So, this tells me that voting democrat is wrong; they are backing Sanders the Socialist!!!! You have had your day; now you are barking for all it's worth to get back with the big dogs. As the saying goes 'keep up with the big dog or stay on the porch.
James  ·
We lost the Republic back in 1860"s, we were left with an oligarchy. The political parties are controlled by banks and buisness. If we are to get this place running right we need a man who can deal with banks and buisnessmen. We need a CEO not a "Party" leader. Is Mr. Trump the best man for the job. I am not sure, but he is the only choice we got. We need to return "States Rights", abolis the "IRS" and close the "Federal Reserve".
I wish everyone realized
what u know about the
oligarchs,but the sheeple
are to stupid
Glenn Beck - I remember that on your forum when I politely disagreed with you, you had me blocked which I still am to this day. What was that if not a Hitler move, no freedom of speech with you!! You make Trump look great!!
The NR review gang of 22 talk about conservatism, principles of conservatism as if they invented it. The truth is that they are part of the problems destroying America. What have they done, show me one thing they have accomplished, other than appear on TV, full of self importance and bloviate. If they are the face of principled conservatism, I dont want anything to do with it, and the SMART Americans, Trump supporters have rejected them vehemently. They are afraid of Trump because Trump has exposed their corrupt ways. The game is over for them. They know if Trump become president, and put Am...See More
Go to NR fb give them hell comments and levin blocked all comments ain him Cruz
Glen Bock Bick Backoh hell... Either one is right..
Because, Beck is a loser...everyone that attacks #Trump wants their 2 mins of fame..
His ratings are down and Nobody wants to listen to hm anymore..
Everytime he attacks #Trump our candidate's ratings keep going up..
Get oof the media and get a real job Beck, like maybe street cleaning.