Wednesday, January 27, 2016

From Greta Wire Are you going to watch Thursday's GOP debate? Poll

Are you going to watch Thursday's GOP debate? Poll
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As of 1-27-17 @9:10 A.M. AZ Time
No 82.46%  (6,318 votes) 
Yes 17.54%  (1,344 votes) 
Some Comments
No I won’t be watching I can’t stand Megyn Kelly and she should not be a moderator. It’s obvious she’s biased against Trump. Her first foray as a moderator on what was supposed to be a serious program was about her agenda, not the candidates. I can’t see her as a journalist ever since I saw she posed in her undies. In my opinion she’s all cleavage and no substance.
Absolutely brilliant move by Trump. It will DOMINATE the news cycle for at least 24 hours. Trump leads the media by their nose ring wherever he wants them to go. That is what he means when he says he’ll get along and work with Pelosi and Democrats. It’s a textbook example of leadership. We haven’t seen this kind of leadership for so long many don’t recognize it.
I'll be watching Property Brothers or Rehab Addict instead --
Promote Hemmer and McCallum to the main event! They did a fantastic job last time!
NO debate tonight for me.
Love Greta-she is the only journalist I watch anymore at Fox. The rest seem fake to me. I was very disappointed in the last debate---so far they have all been just random questions hand picked by moderators to either make a candidate look good or throw away their time. I want to see all the candidates answer the same question! Thats how people make up their minds and the media has deprived us of that. I won't be watching--there are too many candidates in the debate for any meaningful comparisons and it's very telling that the establishment continues to throw so much money at those running with 0-5% appeal. Trump has managed to unmask the GOP like no one has before. He continues to impress.
I'm tuning into Trump's townhall if it's televised.  Won't waste my time with Fox.
I will be watching Trumps veterans event as well. Have they settled on an outlet yet?
@mroadster Several people have said that it'll be on CNN. Where Trump goes, I'll follow.
Fox debate....forgetaboutit.
Why watch a debate to see who will fight for last place. Funny thing is...... all of them will be going home after the primarys. They just don't know how to connect with the American people. New conservative party on the wa
I watched MSNBC this morning. First time in 10 years. It was fair and balanced. All agreed Fox acted unprofessionally and are more obsessed with their promotion of Megyn Kelly as the face of their network that a real debate.Fox loses. Trump isn't my candidate, but I really hate Fox.
You should have used Wendall Goeller or Ed Henry. MEgyn Kelly is not a journalist. 
No more fox news for me. Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace should have been fired by now.
I see a bias trying to push Cruz who can be easily beaten because he is now coming across sleazy. They want Rubio or Jeb to push Murdochs immigration agenda since he is part of the largest organizations in this country pushing immigration. Whether you like Trump or not he is serving his country win or not by forcing the issues needed to be discussed. Europe is a disaster where immigrants are rioting and raping local women, girls of young boys. Look it up for yourself....don't let the media who is not for the people of this country sway you from the facts before it is too late. I saw a video of young German 16 year old share her fear of simply walking to the store so she ran for her life. This should not be happening. She also can be arrested for speaking up against immigration as hate speech.
Forget it, Fox. 
Without Trump, there's no reason to tune into your RINO news channel.
I hope the ratings are so low that you LOSE money on it!
Also, Megyn is a horrible excuse for a journalist and ought to be telling some small town whether or not it's going to rain tomorrow. Shame on the RINO news network! You bunch of frauds! 
I'm just shocked that FoxNews is damaging its reputation for Megyn Kelly. Her behavior has been reprehensible. The talking heads are all circling the wagons. Really disturbing and disgusting. So done with FoxNews fakery

Fox stands by Meg and their snide remarks.  I stand with the Front Runner of the republican party Donald J. Trump. Easy choice. I'm  with Mr. Trump , bye bye  fox.