Saturday, January 23, 2016

Former MCRC Chairman A.J. LaFaro Loses Resolutions Against McCain and AZ GOP Chairman

AZGOP Chairman discusses using the internet
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At Saturday's AZGOP State Committeemen meeting two resolutions were brought forward by A.J. LaFaro, the former Maricopa County Party chairman who insulted Governor Jan Brewer “Judas." 

And as the Maricopa County Chairman had a Defamation lawsuit against A.J. LaFaro

Filed against him that was later dismissed.
A.J. is hell bent on dissing fellow Republicans" especially McCain and Graham rather than beating opponents at the ballot box.
Those supporting the McCain and Graham resolutions needed 129 signatures from state committeemen to bring the resolution to the floor for a vote by the full body. They had 220 signatures against McCain and 130 against Graham.
THE AZGOP HIRED Al Gage, the party's licensed parliamentarian, said the resolution on McCain was out of order because party rules cannot bind members to endorse or not endorse any candidate.
Via Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, The Republic |
Based on the resolution, Gage said, "each individual committeeman in this body would have to endorse someone other than John McCain. This body does not have the power to require each individual committeeman to do that."
Party activists barely had enough support to bring a resolution to consider censuring state GOP Chairman Robert Graham.
Supporters of that resolution accused him in handouts of improperly meddling with activists' business, limiting access to voter information, and various conflicts of interest. Anti-Graham Republicans also claimed he and the state party are being investigated by the Federal Elections Commission for alleged campaign finance violations.
A spokesman for the party said to his knowledge the party is not under investigation. And many in attendance leapt to their feet to show support for the GOP leader.
The anti-McCain resolution centered on the senator's past support of immigration reform, campaigning on securing the border but co-sponsoring legislation giving a pathway to citizenship "to millions of illegal aliens," and demeaning Republicans "who stand for the Constitution, calling them 'crazies,' and 'wacko birds.'"
McCain, who has for years clashed with grassroots Republican activists, did not attend the meeting, instead he attended a rally for the Arizona Cardinals. Maricopa County Republicans have long targeted him for being a "Republican in name only," and two years ago, the Arizona and Maricopa County GOP parties censured him for being, in their minds, too liberal.
A reference to the MCRC Mandatory Meeting last Saturday which was mega disaster.
What a difference a week makes! The Arizona GOP meeting opened with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, a beautiful rendition of God Bless America. Last week at the Maricopa County meeting those things were dispensed of, along with the Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order. Well done Chairman Robert Graham...all that and we're ahead of schedule!
A few comments via Twitter:
Donald Trump-Arizona (@TrumpAZ):Here at the #AZGOP state meeting! Stop by and say hi! #Trump2016
Stephen Lemons (@stephenlemons):
Will AZ GOP chair Graham get punished 4 success? If the wingnuts have their way, yep.
Stephen Lemons (@stephenlemons):
Mystery from last week solved: recalled ex state Sen Prez Russell Pearce running to be natl committeeman
Stephen Lemons (@stephenlemons):
Giant-killer Tyler Montague of the AZ Public Integrity Alliance. Check the McCain button. Those colors don't run.
Stephen Lemons (@stephenlemons):
AZ GOP chair giving his report, batting away myths being used against him by AJ LaFaro faction
Stephen Lemons (@stephenlemons):
Parliamentarian at AZGOP meeting booed for ruling Andrew Costanzo out of order on motion
Kelli Ward (@kelliwardaz):
.@yvonnewingett @JeffDeWitAZ @AZGOP Here are some pics with better backgrounds 🇺🇸
Stephen Lemons (@stephenlemons):
Defender of the wild Salt River horses @KellyTownsend11 , whose good looks always remind me of Jodi Foster
Stephen Lemons (@stephenlemons):
Rep @KellyTownsend11 with talk radio star, now GOP legislator Jay Lawrence.
LD 24 (@AZGOPLD24):
Thank you to #LD24 Treasurer David Ludwig and his wife for checking in State Committeemen this morning! #AZGOP
LD 24 (@AZGOPLD24):
Glad to hear from @RepMattSalmon & @RepTrentFranks today at the #GOPState Meeting.
LD 24 (@AZGOPLD24):
Hearing from @RepGosar now at #GOP State Meeting. Telling us about holding people accountable & making the Senate do their job.
Proud to serve as a State Committeeman under the leadership of Chairman

Basically LaFaro loses. Looks hella pissed. Parliamentarian says state committee can't bind indiv. State committeemen on endorsements.