Monday, January 11, 2016

Donald Trump: Thank You for Your Support - I Will Make America Great Again!

Trump - Make America Great Again!
January 11th, 2016 -

 Thank You for Your Support - I Will Make America Great Again! I wanted to share these very important articles with you.

This week, I am on the cover of TIME Magazine. It is one of the best stories ever written about me and it brilliantly captures what we have accomplished. To me, it means nothing unless we win. I need your help! With you support, and most importantly, your vote we will  Make America Great Again!
Time: "Art of the Steal"

Additionally, one of the most respected women in our country, the great Phyllis Schlafly, envisions a Trump presidency and I am honored.
 Phyllis Schlafly Makes the Case for President Trump: "Only Hope to Defeat the Kingmakers"

 I hope you enjoy these two articles and I look forward to seeing you all as we continue to campaign across the country and share my vision to rebuild the American Dream, which I will make bigger and stronger than ever before.
 Thank you and best wishes, 

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