Saturday, January 23, 2016

AZGOP Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to Carol Joyce of AZ LD24

Carol Joyce Arizona LD24 receives AZGOP  Lifetime achievement award.
Harold Joyce,Robert Graham, 
Carole Joyce Adam Driggs and Barry Wong
Currently she is Corresponding Secretary, Program Chairman, a Precinct Committeeman and State Committeewoman for LD 24.
She was also a PC in the early 80’s in the Pendergast Precinct where she hosted many parties, meet & Greets for NRA at her home for some of the most popular Republican candidates who were elected with her assistance.
She was recommended by Councilman Claude Mattox for an appointment as a Commissioner for the City of Phoenix Human Service’s Commission which she still serves on today.  She has been re-appointed twice by Mayor Greg Stanton and was recently selected by invitation only, to attend the Annual White House Conference on Aging that was held this past April.  The White House Partnered with AARP. Her interest besides politics is a passion advocating for seniors.
Carole is also a Life Member of the NRA, She was appointed to the National Committee by Former President Joe Foss serving 7 years on their National Committee.
Carole was also the person behind Show casing the US Olympic Shooting time in the Sunkist Fiesta Bowl Parade 
She was featured in many articles as an NRA Coach  trained at the Olympic Center in Colorado Springs, and has worked with NRA at a National and state level through ILA.
Carole has very impressive resume as a nurse:
Public Health Nurse (Retired) 
Nurse Consultant Phoenix Fire Dept. (RETIRED)
Adjunct Faculty, ASU College of Nursing
Commissioner, City of Phoenix (Human Services)
National Presenter:  CDC, GSK, Sanofi Pastor Drug Companies

Carole Joyce is an award winning Immunization Program Nurse/Vaccine Manager for the Mountain Park Health Centers located in the greater Phoenix Az. area. Her Clinics have won the prestigious Dr. Daniel T. Cloud Award 7 times, for Excellence in Vaccine made available through the Geddes Foundation

The main clinic is the largest Federally Qualified Community Healthcare Center in Arizona.  Mountain Park has been designated the official site for numerous CDC site visits including a surprise visit many times from Betty Bumpers of “Every Child by Two”, the Carter/Bumpers Campaign (Roselyn Carter). Other notables visiting her program included Former Congressman John Shadegg, Ed Pastor and Staff from Former Senator John Kyl’s office made visits to the clinic because of their Federal Status.

 Carole, is also a frequent guest writer for their ECBT website. This program was showcased in Arizona at Mountain Park and first launched on Dec. 7th 1999. The goal was to demonstrate every Child by Two shall be vaccinated by age two with a goal of 90% vaccinated per state, and the target date was April 2000. 
 Mountain Park’s assessment was 92%the highest nationally Mountain Park was also the test site for numerous projects including the State’s electronic reporting system
ASIIS which Carole help to pilot. She served as a nurse consultant for GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis and Merck vaccines as a national speaker & consultant for vaccine related programs.
Carole was also one of ten nurses selected for the National Nurses Vaccine Council.

The Mountain Park clinics all 5 of them have held the state’s highest assessment rate over 90% for seven (7) consecutive years for children ages 12-23 months and 24-35 months under the guidance and direction of Carole’s leadership.

The year 2005, Mountain Park was one of the National recipients of the Excellence in Immunization Awards Program through the National Partnership for Immunizations. (NPI Award) Carole’s responsibilities were to deliver a violation free program, stocking more than a million dollars’ worth of vaccines in one main clinic! This was achieved for seven years and recognized numerous times by the CDC.  Vaccines are expensive, fragile biologicals that require constant monitoring including all foreign travel vaccines and rabies series.

Carole has years of experience administering vaccines to adults (Seniors), the workforce population that included Public Safety officials, school teachers  as well as private employees getting their Influenza, Pneumonia and Tetanus vaccines.

She has written extensively and presented nationally in this regard.  She has contributed to articles chronicling Mountain Parks infant immunization rates in the publication:
 “Increasing Influenza Immunization Rates in in Infants and Children: putting recommendations into practice” a publication produced by the
National Foundation for Infectious Disease.  The presentation was given in Chicago at the Annual Infectious Disease Roundtable Meeting.
This publication showcased the clinics ability to track electronically High Risk Children with Asthma and the benefits of receiving Influenza Vaccine.

Currently she is the primary author, with Michael Clement, MD as co-author and photographer of a publication in collaboration with coalition partners in vaccine and the Arizona Dept. of Health Services, to produce a 16 page Illustrated Manual that provides instruction regarding vaccine storage, management and administration.  This manual will provide an accompanying text offering a step-by-step instruction related to cold chain, refrigerator organization, vaccine set-up, syringes, needle tips, anatomical sites, patient positioning and sharps disposal.  In addition, illustrated guidance will be provided regarding record keeping, logs and educational literature.  

Upon publication, this manual was distributed state-wide to all medical providers, private practice, health departments, clinics school nurses and Fire 
Depts. It is also used as a training tool by coalition partners and was made available nationally through ‘ECBT”. 

TAPI (The Arizona Partnership for Immunization) and their Director, the Hon. Debbie McCune-Davis, and the Phoenix Fire Dept. worked hand in hand with Carole to make this manual happen. Carole also worked as a nurse consultant in the Phoenix Fire Dept. Baby Shots Program for thirteen years. 

 Her clinics also became the training base for those administering vaccines. She served as adjunct faculty ASU College of Nursing for many years training BSN, and Nurse Practitioner students in vaccine management and administration.

In 2006 a delegation of officials from the Ukraine visited Arizona at the invitation of the Carter Center.  It was hosted by Craig & Barbara Barret of Intel. Among the group were businessmen, physicians and mayors.  Again Mountain Park was the CDC'S choice site of the Health portion of their visit. Many visiting dignitaries were in attendance.

 A proclamation was also delivered by the Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon who also hosted these guest for a week at city hall. Mountain Park provided them with the resources to start a duplicate vaccine program in their clinics. Many other visiting dignitaries have also visited the Clinic and utilized Carole's expertise, from the Ministers of Health in Canada and Mexico. Senator Kyle’s office would send their Health director quarterly to visit Mountain Park and Congressman John Shadegg paid a visit to the clinic. In 2007, Carole retired from Mountain Park to travel with her husband and enjoy life traveling Ireland and other European countries.