Thursday, January 14, 2016

Arizona-$10 Million Campaign Kitty Sought to Battle Dark Money,Open Primaries

PHOENIX -- Organizers of a campaign to force disclosure of "dark money' in campaigns and a companion measure to open up primaries hope to collect $10 million -- and possibly as much as $13 million -- to put the issues on the November ballot and get them both approved.

The disclosure comes as two former gubernatorial hopefuls have formed campaign committees, a necessary legal step before they can raise money. But voters will have to wait until later this month days before actually seeing the language they hope to add to the Arizona Constitution.

Paul Johnson, who ran for governor in 1998, wants to jettison the current system of nominating and electing candidates for local, state and federal office into what comes closer to a "top two' system.

Put simply, all candidates for any office would run against each other in what is now the primary. Then the two top vote-getters would face off in a runoff.

What's important about that is that the political affiliation of the candidates would not matter. So if the two people with the most votes were Republicans, they would advance to the general election. 
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