Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What does President Obama’s ‘Drug Czar’ have in common with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery?

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Both oppose legalizing marijuana for recreational and commercial purposes
Director of National Drug Control Policy to CBS’ Scott Pelley: ‘I’m not a fan’
PHOENIX (December 14) – Yesterday on 60 Minutes, President Obama’s Director of National Drug Control Policy Michael Botticelli told Scott Pelley that legalizing marijuana is “bad public health policy.”
"I find it telling that those within the Obama Administration who have responsibility for carrying forward a responsible national drug policy see the folly of legalizing marijuana,” Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said. “Aside from my concurrence with Director Botticelli’s conclusion, the President would do well to listen.” 
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Botticelli does not believe in adding another drug to that cocktail with the legalization of marijuana.
Pelley: You’re not a fan?
Botticelli: I’m not a fan. What we’ve seen quite honestly is a dramatic decrease in the perception of risk among youth around occasional marijuana use. And they are getting the message that because it’s legal, that is, there’s no harm associated with it. So, we know that about one in nine people who use marijuana become addicted to marijuana. It’s been associated with poor academic performance, in exacerbating mental health conditions linked to lower IQ.
Botticelli worries the marijuana industry is quickly adapting “big tobacco’s” playbook.
In the 90s, tobacco companies appealed to kids with flavored cigarettes and Joe Camel. Today, the nearly $3 billion marijuana industry promotes sweetened edibles and “buddie,” a mascot for legalization.
Pelley: You are never gonna be able to talk all the states out of the tax revenue that will come from a burgeoning marijuana industry. It will just be too seductive.
Botticelli: You know, that’s quite honestly my fear. Is that states are going to become dependent on the revenue.
Pelley: It becomes a co-dependency?
Botticelli: It becomes an addiction to, unfortunately, a tax revenue that’s often based on bad public health policy.           
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