Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The RNC May Not Have 2016 Candidate-But they Have A Convention Logo

The Republican Party is a long way from having a candidate, but it does have a logo for its 2016 presidential nominating convention in Cleveland.
Steve King, chairman of the Republican National Committee’s Committee on Arrangements, on Monday, Nov. 23, unveiled the official logo for 2016 Republican National Convention, to be held next July 18-21. The logo was designed by Cleveland’sFalls Communications and will be “will be prominently featured on all official convention related materials and communications from this point forward,” King said in a news release.
The logo is “designed to highlight the enthusiasm of the host city as well as the Republican Party,” King said in the release. It “incorporates a guitar, a nod to Cleveland being home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as an elephant, the traditional symbol of the Republican Party,” according to the release.
“As this powerful logo is seen the world over, it will come to be identified with the convention and the city,” King said. “We felt it was important to utilize a local company to design the logo, and as has become the norm, the talent in Cleveland at Falls Communications did not disappoint.”
Rob Falls, president and CEO of Falls Communications, said in the release the elephant marching forward in the logo “represents strength with a positive attitude. The guitar is a proud symbol of the rock and roll history of Cleveland. The end result is a strong patriotic solution that conveys the excitement and importance of this significant event. We are proud that this logo will be a part of our city’s and nation’s history.” Source

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