Saturday, December 19, 2015

Texas Senator Ted Cruz Funny Christmas Classics VIDEO

Hope you’re ready for a campy Ted Cruz Christmas parody meets infomercial meets sanctioned campaign ad. 
The Texas Senator and 2016 presidential candidate will play the above ad in crucial Iowa TV markets during this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” broadcast, according to Cruz Communications Director Catherine Frazier. Cruz is no stranger to non-traditional campaigning, he has cooked bacon on the end of a machine gun and performed full-throated “Princess Bride” impressions on the trail in 2016. The above video features Cruz reading to his two daughters, along with his wife, in a traditional Christmas setting. However, the Christmas tales he tells are political satire.
The Cruz campaign gave Independent Journal this quote about the video:
“In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we are excited to bring a Cruz family Christmas into the homes of SNL viewers in Iowa. Ted is a long time fan of SNL, so the chance to film his own SNL-style commercial was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up!”
Cruz is in the midst of a national surge, polling at 17 percent of likely Republican voters, according to Reuters.
Merry Christmas, but not to former Speaker John Boehner.

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