Thursday, December 3, 2015

Private Memo to NRSC Senior Staff from Executive Director Ward Baker re: Trump as 2016 Candidate

The Republican Party establishment is trying to prevent front-runner Donald Trump from getting the GOP presidential nomination, senators are instructed  to echo at least part of his message should he end up atop the ticket in November.
See private memo National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director Ward Baker tells senators up for re-election they should adopt some of Trump's style and message but avoid his more in your face statements.

It was written by NRSC executive director head Ward Baker on September 22, 2015, and was first reported by the Washington Post.  The NRSC told the Postthat it's written similar memos on scenarios where other other candidates secure the nomination.
The memo to the body's senior staff states: "Trump has risen because voters see him as authentic, independent, direct, firm, — and believe he can’t be bought. These are the same character traits our candidates should be advancing in 2016. That’s Trump lesson #1."
Baker writes that staff should "understand the Trump phenomenon," and he puts forth both criticism and praise for Trump.
Baker writes that Trump "says what's on his mind and that's a problem," and also characterizes him as a "misguided missile" who "is subject to farcical fits." Baker also notes that the mogul "has said some wacky things about women," and that other candidates should "offer a quick condemnation" of his such statements.
Yet those in the party should should "avoid piling on the nominee" and "limit the Trump criticisms (other than obvious free kicks)," the memo states.
"We may not like it, but Trump has connected with voters on issues like trade with China and America's broken borders. When Trump was criticized on building a wall to stop immigration, he noted how Israel successfully built walls that were cost effective and did the job."

Baker writes that "Trump rises because people understand him" and that he "challenges our politically correct times. Our candidates shouldn't miss this point. Don't insult key voter cohorts by ignoring that America has significant problems and that Trump is offering some basic solutions. Understand the populist points Trump makes and ride that wave."

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