Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Experience in 2012 at Iowa Caucus-The Caucus Means Absolutely Nothing

Iowa has changed their rules and tightened up their voting just maybe it won't continue to be a sham.  Besides it's cold enough to freeze off a witchs teet.

Iowa caucus means nothing with it comes down to who be the Republican nominee. Candidates spend a lot of cash and it helps the Iowa economy but nothing positive for the candidate in acquiring delegates votes. 1% of the nation's delegates are chosen by the Iowa State Convention
My Experience at the 2012 Iowa Caucus Much to do About Nothing by Barbara.
Iowa has always chosen its presidential candidates using caucuses, but the caucuses didn't achieve the significance currently attributed to them until 1972, when the Democratic Party moved the contest to the beginning of the year.
Since then, however, only three non-incumbent candidates who won Iowa have gone on to win the presidency they were Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Click here for past winners of Iowa Caucus
Along with Governor Perry and a plethora of Texans we head back to Texas this morning. 

It was a learning experience that I don’t want to repeat. The Perry campaign had over 500 volunteers had made thousands of phone calls, knocked on over a thousand doors in the Des Moines area. Others fanned out across the state delivering Perry information.

My take if I was a presidential candidate I wouldn’t give the Iowa Caucus a first glance much less spend millions in advertising. 
The Iowans were all over the board right up until the time they write a candidate’s name on a scrap of paper to be counted as a ballot.

I was a surrogate speaker at a caucus for Perry. My take on the caucus is it’s a bunch of crap. I got to my assigned location early and stayed to watch the vote to be counted. I was told before I left Perry headquarters that there would be 3 precincts voting in my location with approximately 54 voters. 33 showed up to vote.

I asked the young man in charge a lot of questions and his answers will astound you. One you don’t have to present ID to vote. You can walk in the door and register on the spot. 

The voter signs in if he is already registered if not they give him a registration to fill out without asking for ID. Supposedly at 7PM after the gravel is bought down no one else can enter to vote. Not true a young man came in 30 minutes late and was allowed to vote. 

The process was the young man in charge (David) asked the group for a show of hands to decide if he could vote. They allowed him to vote.
Question: If they don’t have to present an ID how do you know they can vote in this precinct?
Answer: If they can give you their address, they can vote, if not we ask for ID
Question: They can walk in and register on the spot
Answer: Yes
Question: How do you know the Democrats aren’t walking in and registering to cast a vote for a candidate that the GOP wouldn’t nominate.
Answer: Shrugged his shoulders and said we don’t, but this is the way it’s been done for years.
Question: Do you have any way to know if they also registered in another precinct
Answer: No
Question: Is it possible they could vote in more than one precinct
Answer: I guess so
It’s not a primary, the rest of the process sounds even more antiquated. For Republicans it doesn’t count in the big scheme of electing a President. Since 1972 George W. Bush was the only Republican to win the Iowa Caucus and went on to be nominated by the GOP and President. It’s a bell weather so to speak and not a very good one.  be ###

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