Monday, December 28, 2015

ICYMI: Sunday Talk Shows Wrap Up

December 27, 2015
2016 RACE
Sanders: Trump supporters should back me   Look, many of Trumps supporters are working-class people, and theyre angry."
Sanders blasts 'vulgar' Trump   Sanders also attacked the GOP front-runner on economic issues.
Sanders: Far more important issues than data breach   "I think on both sides we'd like to focus on the real issues," he said.
DNC chairwoman: Trump represents new low in GOP presidential politics   "Hes been an equal opportunity insulter, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said.
Trump refuses to take shot at Cruz   He is a very nice guy, he has been very respectful, Trump said.
Huckabee stands by ad critical of Cruz   Huckabee was asked if the ad was selectively edited.
Kasich hopes Trump will become a unifier   Ive been listening to him lately, and you notice hes toned down the rhetoric."
Former ambassador sees 'so many things wrong' with Trump's praise of Putin   "Vladimir Putin does only things that are in Russias national interest," Michael McFaul said.
Breyer: Im not allowed to have an opinion about Trump   A judge has to do his best not to have an opinion on a political matter."
Colbert: Trump is playing my old character better than I could   "Hes willing to drink his own Kool Aid and manufacture and distribute it."
Carson: We dont have to inject race into everything   The GOP presidential hopeful was questioned about the case of Sandra Bland.
RNC chairman gears up for 'tough' battle to hold onto Senate   Reince Priebus thinks Republicans will keep the chamber, but says it will be unpredictable.

GOP rep: ISIS leader probably right in dismissing airstrikes   "ISIS is stronger, I believe, than it was 16 months ago," Rep. Peter King said.
Former top diplomat calls for strategy, not 'slogans' against ISIS   Wendy Sherman said any strategy for fighting ISIS needs to be "multi-pronged."
Democrat: Tighten social media screening of visa applicants   "We have to do a much better job monitoring the social media of those people," Steve Israel said.
Ex-DHS head: We cant vet Syrian refugees   A pause for refugees from that part of the world is very appropriate at this time, Tom Ridge said.

Ex-UN ambassador: US and Russia need to work with each other   Bill Richardson said Putin can be instrumental in resolving the Syrian civil war.

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