Monday, December 7, 2015

ICYMI: Sunday Talk Show Wrap Up

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December 6, 2015

Christie: Every place in America is a target   "In a free and open society, we not going to be able to stop every attack."
Attorney general mum on motive for San Bernardino   "This investigation is ongoing, Loretta Lynch says.
Homeland Security chair: Almost impossible to stop all terror threats   We didnt see this one coming, Rep. Michael McCaul says.
Carson: I have most experience with life and death decisions   The former neurosurgeon dismissed his sliding poll numbers.
Trump accuses media of glamorizing terrorists   Theyre making them into Robin Hood.
Rubio: Obama weakened US intelligence   Rubio cited a report that said the phone records of the alleged San Bernardino assailants only extend two years.
Bush: Clinton a focus group politician on ISIS   The former Florida governor said the U.S. needs to show a firmer stance.
Former intel official says ISIS is on a roll   In the last five weeks, to put it in baseball terms, theyve hit for the cycle, he said.

Kasich: Keep guns from those on no-fly list   The Republican presidential hopeful said it is common sense to prevent people on terror watchlists from obtaining weapons.
Rubio: No-fly list full of everyday Americans   The GOP presidential hopeful said the lists are far from perfect.
Sanders says gun control not a magic formula   He said he would, however, support a ban on assault weapons.

Clinton: Trump pushing GOP field in deeply distressing direction   A lot of the others are kind of Trump 2, Hillary Clinton says.
Bush insists Trump wont get nomination   "I have enough confidence in early GOP primary voters," says Jeb Bush.

Kasich: Trump will not be the nominee   The Republican presidential hopeful suggested that Trumps supporters wont show up to vote for the primaries.

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