Monday, December 21, 2015

Greg McKay Director The Department of Child Safety didn't Even Bother To Show Up

The late data and alarming updates from The Department of Child Safety received an unfavorablereception at a recent Joint Legislative Budget Committee meeting.

DCS officials finally provided some of the information they are obligated to report, but Governor Ducey’s handpicked agency director, Greg McKay, didn’t bother to attend. Maybe it was because the report was not only nearly three months late but it also showed that things are getting #WorseNotBetterfor the crisis-stricken DCS.

Caseworker staffing levels continue to drop, while the backlog continues to grow. The agency now has even fewer case-carrying caseworkers than it did in September of this year. The number slid from 972 to 930, which is a far cry from the 995 case-carrying caseworkers in the agency had in May 2014.

And the backlog is at 14,899 cases, which includes nearly 2,000 more cases than when DCS was created back in June 2014. When Gov. Ducey installed Director McKay, they claimed reducing the backlog was a priority. But actions speak louder than words and a columnist recently wrote that:

Governor Ducey has failed to show leadership on this issue since he took office. Ducey appointed McKay to head DCS but did not allow legislators to fully vet his qualifications. Ducey’s DCS leadership team also included a deputy director who quit after four months, and an expensive business consultantwho left the agency last month without leaving any clear evidence of his work. Director McKay missing his own agency’s review committee is just the latest grievance. Arizona’s children will not be better off until the governor takes real responsibility.  Some are beginning to question how long the governor can continue to support his appointee.

#AskDuceyWhy he is not holding the agency director he selected accountable for the thousands of Arizona kids who may be in jeopardy.