Friday, December 11, 2015

Donald Trump Event December 16th Gateway Airport Mesa Arizona

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport on Wednesday, The Arizona Republic has confirmed.


The event will be held in a private hangar on the airport property.
The campaign had been scouting sites in recent days and settled on an airport hangar. The rally will occur a day after Trump and the other Republican presidential candidates participate in a CNN/Salem Radio debate in Las Vegas. At a July rally at the Phoenix Convention Center, Trump drew more than 5,000 people who wildly cheered his hard-line stance on illegal immigration and his potshots at critics and political rivals. The event also drew large crowds of protesters who decried Trump's anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican remarks. Brian Sexton, a spokesperson for the airport confirmed Secret Service has been scouting the location, and the Trump campaign has told him the location was “the preferred” location of those they were scouting.
Trump, who has set off a torrent of criticism in recent days by proposing a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States in the wake of the deadly San Bernardino terrorist attack, has maintained his lead over the GOP presidential field in national polls. But his remarks have drawn widespread condemnation from both inside and outside his party. Follow the reporter on Twitter: @yvonnewingett and reach her at

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