Saturday, December 5, 2015

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Ask Susan Bitter Smith to Resign but Not Sheriff Joe Arpaio

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Descriminates Against A Female

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AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham didn’t waste any time leaving a message on Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith voice mail, asking her to resign he told The Arizona Republic's Ryan Randazzo.
AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich at a news conference announced he was filing a petition with the state Supreme Court to remove Bitter Smith from her post, before Mark got the paperwork to the courthouse Graham was talking resignation.
Graham called it cutting your losses and moving on citing cost, damage to the state GOP and the Commission.
But is seems that moving on only applies in Graham’s book if you are a female-He certainly hasn’t stepped up to the plate calling for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to resign.
Grahams mouth has been taped shut on the sheriff’s federal contempt of court charges and the lawsuit over racial profiling by his office. Nor has he weighed in on the legal costs -- $8.2 million on outside attorneys, part of the overall projected cost of $50 million to Maricopa County. A majority of the money is being footed by the taxpayers.

The case of good ole’ boys sticking together while discriminating against a woman who has been open and above board.

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