Monday, December 7, 2015

Arizona-Dark money group finally registers with AZSOS

Phoenix – A 2010 dark money group has finally complied with Secretary Reagan’s repeated call upon them to abide by a court order to register as a political committee and file campaign finance reports back to 2010.
The filing relates back to a 2010 complaint against the Committee for Justice and Fairness, a group funded by the Democratic Attorney Generals Association, who were found to have violated campaign finance law by an Administrative Law Judge and subsequently confirmed by the Court of Appeals. 
“After months of stonewalling, our office is satisfied the group has complied with the court order,” said Secretary Reagan.  “While the process took far too long, I think it shows how diligent we will be to do what we can within the law to shed light on political spending.  As we gear up for a busy 2016 election cycle, we hope that message comes across loud and clear.”
The Secretary’s appeal to CJF was her second such call upon so-called dark money groups to comply with campaign finance law since taking office.  Earlier this year, Secretary Reagan determined that Veterans for a Strong America, an out-of-state nonprofit corporation, failed to file independent expenditure reports related to an advertisement critical of gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones during the 2014 election cycle.

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