Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Case: Trump v. Obama by Ellis Baxter

Ellis Baxter
Ellis Baxter
Exclusive for American Freedom By Barbara 

This week “The Donald” [Trump] made a statement that if elected President he would place a hold on Muslim Immigration until the government could get control of the plan to aggressively Vet all Muslims attempting to enter the country. 

With in seconds the Republican Establishment, led by JEB Bush,  went into full attack mode. Then came the media with Hilary Clinton in tow. Then the administration of President Obama followed suit. This is the same Obama who has claimed to have been the editor of the Harvard Law Review and a Constitutional Scholar! Mr. Trump was over the top, proposing a clear violation of the constitution !  This is not lawful and just not right and a president has no power to do this ... 


Now, as everyone piled on and I do mean everyone: Fox News was right there with the Drive By Media repeating the statement that Trump’s proffered policy is evil, then comparing him to Hitler, Stalin and Mao ! My Grandfather Baxter told me many times that: "A politician must do what the people want as long as it is with in the constitution". Now who could disagree with that but the Harvard Law Review Editor has just said that it is a clear violation of the constitution and that more to the point:

“ It is not who we are”

Now, with all due respect to the President and his ‘totally new view’ on Presidential power; pre release of new polling was available yesterday morning. After his vile and Evil Nazi statement, that is unconstitutional [again President Obama’s words] Mr. Trump’s Poll numbers jumped to 35% a 20 point advantage over his closest rival ! 

So, with my grandfather's rule, I decided to see the history on such items. The first limit to immigration was in the ‘Alien and Sedition Act of 1798’ ! And it was written by the main author of the Constitution John Adams ! Holy Cow Batman ! How did he know ? Then every few years there were other Acts of Congress that affected Immigration; But the next one for our study was in 1903. This is the ‘Anarchist Exclusion Act’ so in two quick reviews we have the right to question proposed immigrates and to exclude a class of people. In fact the 1903 Act found 4 classes of people to exclude. Now, as of yet the Supreme Court had not opined on the subject. This changed in April of 1904 when Chief  Justice Melville Fuller wrote: the courts decision holding that "the Bill of Rights does not apply to aliens and that congress had the right to deny entry to anyone they deemed a threat to the country!" Once again History provides the  education, perhaps then student Mr. Obama was not there that day ... But given the other rulings by the Fuller court I am shocked that student Obama did not read up on this one! 

Then I read the 1946 Act, the 1952 Act and sorry president Obama a former President named Carter embargoed Iranians ! FDR if you remember embargoed those folks from Japan some of whom were U.S. Citizens ! And Old FDR put them in Camps ! Leaving me to wonder does this guy Obama do any home work... ? 

So Mr. Trump and a plurality of voters;  had it wright and everyone else had it wrong !

Now to the general question of Muslims. We have been fighting with these people since the founding of this country. Google Barbary Pirates for more on that subject or read Brian Kilmeade’s new book.. 

Now here is a quick review of world events related to this post. Japan has always refused Muslims permanently to live in their country. Noway has just deported 2,000 Muslims to fight crime and that rate has fallen 72% China is at a war with their Muslim population. British Home Secretary has a new bill to strip Muslims of their Citizenship. The Czech Republic will not allow Islam in their country. Polish Defense League has issued a warning to Muslims. Dutch MP’s “All Mosques in the Netherlands should be shut down as the country was such a wonderful and safe place to live prior to the arrival of Muslim Refugees. 

How long does it take to understand that this Islam is a totally different culture. It is my proffer that the democrat party [which I believe is a pagan cult] but know it is a Neo Fascist ideology! Is just trying to alter the voting demography to favor their party. 

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