Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vote YES for Scottsdale Today for Scottsdale Questions 1-6

VOTE YES for Scottsdale!  

Bonds endorsed by our Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Korte, Scottsdale City Council Member, Mayor Jim Lane and 4 more Council Members
The Chamber Board of Directors endorse a Yes Vote on Scottsdale Questions 1-6.

The projects represent critical infrastructure.  The proposed program will replace or construct new fire stations, upgrade police facilities and ensure continuity of critical city services in the event of a disaster, including 911 police and fire services.

It includes renovation of the oldest part of the Indian Bend Wash at Vista del Camino Park.  Critical intersections will be improved and 140 miles of roadway will be replaced.

All the questions total, $96 million dollars and will cost the average homeowner in Scottsdale less than $43 a year. 

Throughout Scottsdale's history, we have used bonds to help build the City we love.  Bonds helped us pay for the Indian Bend Wash and now the oldest parts of the wash need to be renovated.

Our last bond was approved over fifteen years ago.  Since then, we were able to supplement bond funds with annual surpluses. This is no longer possible.  Even with our recovering economy, City General Fund revenues are $264million which is $46 million less than the high in 2007/08.

In terms of fiscal responsibility, Scottsdale maintains the highest possible rating from the three major national rating agencies.  Standard & Poor's, Fitch Ratings and Moody's Investors Services affirm their confidence in the city's financial management and its economic outlook.  Scottsdale is one of a select number of municipalities achieving top ratings from all three.  The City Council has a proven track record of fiscal prudence.

For more detailed project descriptions and budgets visit the City website at www.scottsdaleaz.gov/2015-bond

The return on investment is safer streets, quicker and better equipped first responders, and improved public facilities.  It protects our property values and our quality of life.

Please vote Yes for Questions 1-6 and keep Scottsdale great!

Warm regards,

Mark J Hiegel
President and CEO
Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce

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