Sunday, November 29, 2015

UPS jets landing "refugees" in the dead of the night in PA-Audio

On Saturday's USA Transnational Report radio roundtable, Pennsylvania Sheriff's Constable Marcus Kohan told of at least two UPS jets (yes, United Parcel Service Brown jets) landing in the dead of night at Harrisburg Airport, loaded with "refugees".
Kohan said he and Pennsylvania's sheriffs are doing something about the problem.  Hear what it is. 
UPS jets landing "refugees" in the dead of the night in PA-Audio
The so-called "refugees" were then quickly boarded onto buses and taken to God-knows-where in Pennsylvania where they were given cash, clothing, food, and shelter by faith-based organizations (mostly Catholic churches) receiving BIG federal dollars -- all on Pennsylvania taxpayers' dime. Pennsylvania's Democrat governor has told Obama he welcomes and will take even more "refugees".  Constable Kohan said Allentown and Pittsburgh are the state's two biggest hotspots for "refugee" dumping. Source Radio Patriot

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