Monday, November 2, 2015

Reaction To Brahm Resnik's Interview with MCR Chair Tyler Bowyer on Sunday Square Off-Video

WATCH BRAHM RESNIK  reaction to heated review last week to interview with Tyler Bower Chairman of Maricopa Republicans. 

KPNX 11/01/2015 08:26:22 AM: ...The general consensus and understanding of funding, are we really doing the right thing for voters? That was Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Tyler Bowyer on square off last week. It was a very heated interview about the party's opposition to all 28 school funding and budget override requests on the ballot this coming Tuesday. That interview got the largest response of any interview I've done this year on square off. Tens of thousands of views online.

The overwhelming response, Bowyer was dead wrong, and here's what might surprise you. I heard that for many republicans. You might remember he opened the interview by telling me the members of the county GOP executive council unanimously approved the motion proof in law school funding requests. Aaron Borders, the second is vice chair said: of the Maricopa County Republican party told me in a message, sorry you had to endure our chairman's ignorance.

 The worst part is he is lying the unanimous vote. i didn't go that way and, frankly, not all 20 chairman were present to vote either. i know i will get smacked around by my own party for calling Tyler out.

On twitter, I hope they'll follow the displayed on your show. -- am embarrassed for my native state. E-mail from Glendale.

I’m not a fan or a supporter of Tyler Bowyer, watching you absolutely grilled him was amazing.

You never even come close to those kinds of questions when one of your liberal pals appear on program.

Thank you for challenging the GOP stance on funding, we are not wasteful. If this was a hot button response, he is claiming schools ask for override year after year.
It’s legally impossible.

Mary says he clearly doesn't understand the override process and why schools ask for renewal after five years. Susan posted, I’m glad you pressed him to answer your questions. I wanted to crawl through the TV and wring his neck. Reach me anytime with your comments, find me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. You can see all of our Sunday's Square Off ...

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