Friday, November 20, 2015

Peter DaTechGuy Questions Donald Trump in Worcester Massachustts

From my friend Peter who lives in  Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Peter "Datechguy"
Wednesday I covered Donald trump’s Worcester appearance as credentialed press
As usual there is an assortment of interviews with attendees and I did manage to get a question in during the press conference before the speech
As it was not a question with the normal “why are you a racist bigot or an idiot” meme Trump liked it.
There were several local radio hosts in attendance and we did a bit of a mash up together after the event, the audio is here
I recorded separate audio on all the stuff, it’s embedded in the post
Incidentally you won’t want to miss this excellent post by Fausta on some of what is being said and done
“They have guns, they can shoot at us because they have guns and are bad,” the boy continues.
“Well, they have guns, but we have flowers,” the father says.
“But flowers don’t do anything,” the boy argues.
“See all the flowers?” his dad asks. “They’re to fight against the guns.”
“Are they there to protect?” the boy asks. “The candles too?”
“There you go,” his dad says. “It’s to not forget those who left us yesterday.”
“The flowers and the candles,” the boy concludes, “they’re there to protect us.”
The reporter jumps back in and asks the boy, “So are you feeling better?”
“Yep,” he says. I’m feeling better.”
Now, I understand that Le Petit Journal is a program interviewing kids, and that Dad may be having a Kumbaya moment in front of the cameras not to alarm the little kids in the audience, but . . . my reaction was “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND, DAD?”
Even the five-year old (excuse me for the guess, he may be older) is aware of the fact that “flowers don’t do anything,” other than, perhaps, give you a feel-good moment.
You may recall that last January 7 Islamist terrorists killed the Charlie Hebdo staff. Last Friday’s massacre was also well-planned, premeditated, and meant to be an attack on civil society, be it in France or anywhere in the world. Like Friday’s attack, the victims were unarmed.
Like there were in January, there are now a lot of public displays of grief, with flowers, candles and sundry tchotchkes, including a guy who carried his piano on his bicycle so he could play Imagine in front of the Bataclan, where five score people were massacred.
For some reason the French aren’t using their planes to drop flowers on ISIS in syria or shot flowers from their guns in their raids.
I wonder why?

Peter "DaTechGuy" Ingemi

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