Saturday, November 21, 2015

Map and Summary of State/City Positions on Syrian Resettlement

In one short week, everything has changed in the political landscape around the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program, so much so that I've lost track!  Here is a good US map and description (as of Thursday, the 19th).  I know 48 hours is a long time ago considering how fast things are moving, so send a comment to this post if your state has since changed its position, or if you have anything new to add. Via Ann Corcoran Refugee Resettlement Watch From Citylab (hat tip: Jim):
map with states and mayors
Go here for more.  If you live in one of the green states, you need to let your governors know how you feel!


Check our archives on that Virginia city, they have had their share of problems with refugees over the years.  See especially the stories about the refugees (sent to prison in 2009) for planning to kidnap for ransom some prominent women in the town.

Come on mayors!  We need some of you who have complained in the past to step forward now!

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