Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is Speaker Ryan Going to Double Cross Governors On Islamic Refugees

Is Speaker Paul Ryan going double cross Republican governors?
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Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz has explained the details of Ryan’s anticipated “bait and switch”:
Instead of listening to their constituents and following the calls of 30 governors to shut down Islamic refugee resettlement, Republicans are about to pull the classic bait and switch: pass a phony standalone bill and decline to defund it in the budget bill… Remember Obamacare, executive amnesty, EPA regulations, and Planned Parenthood? The Islamic refugee issue is no different. They have no intention of actually stopping it, despite the fact that they could destroy the Democrats in the upcoming election on this issue alone. They will pass phony legislation, but will never defund it.
While Ryan’s decision has sparked the ire of conservatives, his decision has won the praise of Democrats like Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV): “I think Speaker Ryan has the right idea… to leave any refugee legislation separate and apart from the omnibus. Read More 

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