Friday, November 27, 2015

Inside secret underground ISIS bomb-making lair found littered with US-made guns and drugs video

The underground tunnels, used by ISIS militants to hide from bomb raids, were discovered under Sinjar, which has only recently liberated from ISIS control.
The extremist fighters used the tunnels to move undetected and avoid coalition airstrikes.

Food and cooking utensils were also found around the passages as well as clothes hung on washing lines.
Prescription drugs and painkillers were seen on the floor, along with copies of the Quran and US manufactured boxes of ammunition and bomb-making equipment. 

WATCH VIDEO Published on Nov 24, 2015
Under the Iraqi town of Sinjar, Islamic State group militants built a network of tunnels, fortified with sandbags. The Associated Press obtained extensive video footage of the tunnels, uncovered by Kurdish forces that took the city in November. (Nov. 24)

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