Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hair on Fire News Talk Radio/Bruce Ash on Clean Elections

Tom Collins from Arizona’s so called “Clean Elections” Commission apparently has a problem with the US Constitution. Namely the first amendment which protects free speech.

The commission wants to clamp down on what democrats mistakenly refer to as “dark money.” In a unanimous move the panel voted to try find the sources of constitutionally  protected free speech in spite of several recent US Supreme Court decisions which have been gradually eroding McCain — Feingold .

The commission objects to “heavy spending” in state elections” by certain political committees. This is part of a continuing effort by the Clean Elections group to thwart the lawful jurisdiction of the Secretary of State over elections in Arizona. Collin’s commission cannot act on it’s own. Doing so will only insure a lawsuit.

Collins, an un elected bureaucrat,  clearly over reaches when he and the other un elected commission members rule that the Federal tax code which creates lawful entities that enable free speech do not take precedence over state election laws. A novel idea , however, repeated courts decisions have concluded otherwise.

I have never been sold on “Clean Elections”. Now the process appears to be going hay wire. It is high time to clip their wings and protect free speech for everyone

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