Saturday, November 21, 2015

Former RNC Employee Planning "negative guerrilla campaign" Against Trump

If the Republicans keep this “BULL SHIT” up they will lose the White House Again. If Donald Trump is going to implode let it be his doing, not at the hands of Republicans.  Trump signed a pledge to run as a Republican, maybe he should have asked the GOP to sign a pledge to back off any negativity if he was a succesful candidate. A smart GOP would realize that TRUMP is his own brand and doesn't need the GOP brand or it's money.  If you are undecided or support Trump be wary of Trump Card it is a pac that is out to sink Trump and so is Club for Growth. Latest polling shows Trump vs Hillary a spread of 1-2 points

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Republican operative Liz Mair is planning a "guerrilla campaign" aimed at knocking Donald Trump out of the GOP presidential race, The Wall Street Journal is reporting. 

Mair, a former online communications director at the Republican National Committee who also worked on behalf of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's presidential campaign earlier this year, has formed Trump Card LLC "to defeat and destroy" Trump's candidacy, according to the report. 

“In the absence of our efforts, Trump is exceedingly unlikely to implode or be forced out of the race,” said an internal memo that the Journal obtained. 

“The stark reality is that unless something dramatic and unconventional is done, Trump will be the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton will become president.”
Another group, the economic think tank Club for Growth, has already hit Trump with $1 million in ads in the early-voting state of Iowa.

The moves underscore growing concern among Republicans that Trump's bid for the GOP presidential nomination, which at first was considered a long-shot, has moved closer toward becoming a reality as he leads national polls with less than three months before the first votes are cast in the 2016 race. 

Mair described Trump Card LLC to the Journal as "loosely organized and highly confidential." 

She said she hopes to lock up funds from donors who are interested in pushing back against Trump but don't necessarily want their involvement to become publicly known. 


  1. If they succeed in knocking Trump off the ticket there are many of us who will lay down on the election. It's incredibly obvious that, that is what the establishment will see in the event of this happening. Maybe they won't care whether Hillary or their person is president. And I don't believe that Ted Cruz is their person. He would be the only other candidate who I would work for.

  2. How disgusting it is getting, especially from that loser Scott Walker who is anti everything ! The RNC in my opinion can go too hell, have no use for them any more. We should not be doing stuff like this ! Voters are not stupid!

  3. I have had it with the Hacks at the RNC shoving “Non-Electable” candidates down our throats…they pulled this crap with Bob Dole right up until the last election. They are NOT interested in the same issues main street America is or Reasonable, thoughtful Republicans like us ! They continue to inhale their own egos and think only of power for themselves… they have absolutely nothing to offer todays voters especially with all the evil going on in this world and our own county ! I am really scare and worried. We have a majority in Congress and the Senate again and the are a bunch of worthless do nothings….where is the outrage over these refugees trying to come here?

  4. Booooo Hisssss! IF for any reason Trump does not become our next President, I will withdraw from the Republican Party immediately and so will thousands upon thousands of others. It's already being discussed in groups all over the web.

    1. That's trump's plan, and you're an ignorant moron.


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