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Employment Report: NEW NEW MATH: 1 + 3 = 7 by Ellis Baxter

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The Bureau of Labor was established by the ‘Bureau of Labor Act (23 Stat. 60), June 27, 1884, to collect information about employment and labor. It became an independent (sub-Cabinet) department by ‘the  Department of Labor Act’ (25 Stat. 182), June 13, 1888. Today the BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics, remains a sub unit of the Department of Labor. This makes them a part of the Executive Branch of Government. They take their orders from the President through his Labor cabinet! 

All U.S. government bodies, agencies, and branches depend on and use the numbers provided by the BLS to inform and make employment, policy, and budget decisions. The principal numbers are the employment and earnings by those employed. When you see these numbers you will note that they are labeled as ‘adjusted’. These are both seasonal and heuristics adjustments. What I decided to do was to figure out the number that they do not give out. What is the “Able Work Force unemployed number” (c) For the first year [2009] it was hit and miss. As time has passed I have found the places that the real unadjusted [or raw data] could be found. With each passing month I have found additional components of the real number. All that said, using the raw data with no adjustments or heuristics I then do the math and derive at the ‘Able work force’ then through the BLS own formula I find the number of those in the Able Work Force that are not working full time. Here then are those numbers ....:

The total population of the USA is 322,019,236 persons. Of that number the work force is stated as 149,024,868. By my calculation the unadjusted number is 167,526,306 the difference is 18,501,572 such that those 18+ million are not counted! IF you add those to the admitted unemployed 15,408,907  that is a total of 33,909,907 members of the unadjusted work force of 20% ! By the BLS own admission in their records they have some 243 million listed as their version of my Able Work Force (c)   
As hard as it is to believe the BLS never audits that total number. It is my theory that at some point a small adjustment was taken, hoping to make it right when the economy recovered. That number is now 18,501,572 which I believed is the fudged amount how they derive this number may well be a new math as 1+3 +7 ? 

Some additional numbers of interest. 
There are 5,000,000 less people in the workforce than in year 2,000,/
Number of people retired & 65 years: 49,051,811 [If you are retired 62 to 64.99 you do not count.] 
There are 160,459,383 receiving some type of government benefits. /
Disabled Citizens: 10,811,777./
Convicted Felons: 6,635,081,/ School students: 54,739,917,/ Armed Forces: 1,358,957
In Poverty: 43,639,315,/ Citizens without insurance: 40,648,335,/ People in Prison: 2,327,788
Citizens Employed by Government: 23,648,561,/ Self Employed: 8,324,906,
Citizens paying Income tax: 119,280,817
Citizens in private sector: 116,930,008  This is 78.4% of the total. 

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