Sunday, November 22, 2015

Donald Trump: This Week on the Campaign Trail

November 22 2015 -
This Week on the Campaign Trail
It has been another terrific week on the campaign trail!
I want to thank the more than 10,000 SUPPORTERS who came out in Knoxville, Tennessee on Monday, the 12,000 SUPPORTERS who attended our rally in Worcester, Massachusetts on Wednesday, the 10,000 SUPPORTERS who attended our rally in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday and all of the fantastic people who attended the town halls in Newton, Iowa on Thursday and Spartanburg, South Carolina on Friday.
In Knoxville, I spoke about my huge support of the 2nd amendment and the importance of strengthening our military, defeating ISIS and my vision on foreign policy.

Meeting voters in Knoxville, Tennessee
In Worcester, the crowd was terrific and even though the subject matter was serious, we managed to have some fun. There was a lot of love and energy in that room! I appreciate it!

Speaking to over 10,000 voters in Worcester, Massachusetts
On Wednesday I released a new radio ad in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina stressing the need for real change in Washington, D.C. in order to address problems created by the "all talk, no action politicians" that have failed Americans for far too long. If you have not heard them on the radio, you can listen here.
On Thursday we traveled to Newton, Iowa to talk about something I know a lot about… job creation! Years ago I was inspired to help some folks in this area and wanted to return to share my vision of what we can do to turn the country around.

Our town hall in Newton, Iowa
On Friday I visited Spartanburg, South Carolina for a town hall at Wofford College. I really enjoyed speaking with voters from across the state on a wide range of issues that have been cornerstones of my campaign including illegal immigration, taking care of our vets, rebuilding the infrastructure of our country and creating jobs for hard working Americans.
Discussing a range of issues in Spartanburg, South Carolina
I was honored to be interviewed by the legendary Barbara Walters for a special episode of 20/20 on ABC. I am so proud of my beautiful family – they have been so supportive and know how hard I will work to make the American Dream bigger and better and stronger than ever before. If you missed the show, you can watch “Meet the Trumps” here.
My family and I had the great honor of being interviewed by Barbara Walters
Saturday, I returned to Alabama for the first time since hosting more than 30,000 supporters in Mobile this summer. The Secretary of State said our Mobile event remains the largest attended political rally for any presidential candidate of either party! It was great to be back in Alabama! I am so grateful for the enthusiasm from all across that great state and all across the country.

Speaking to crowd in Birmingham, Alabama
Which brings me to the polls…There were so many fantastic polls this week both nationally and in the states. We are winning every single one and some of them show me with a wide, double-digit lead over my closest rivals.
This would not be possible without your support. I share your concerns on the issues that matter and I will put America first, in order to keep your family and our country safe.
Next week we will visit Columbus, Ohio and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina before the Thanksgiving Holiday. It is such an important time to reflect on the blessings in our lives. Even though our country is in serious trouble, we have a lot to be thankful for. I am most thankful for my wonderful family and all of you. With your continued support we will Make America Great Again.
God Bless You and Yours,
Donald J. Trump 
Donald J. Trump

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