Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Donald Trump Sends Thank You Note for Watching Debate

This note was sent at 10:40 PM after the debate-

Thank You for Watching
Thank you for watching! It was a great night.
Prior to the start of the debate two national polls were released that show the strength of our support. The latest results from Reuters have me as the leader of the field with 29.6% and the latest Morning Consult survey shows me as the undisputed frontrunner with 34% support.
Last week’s FOX News poll posed the question: “Which candidate is best to handle the economy?” I was the leader in this category with 42%, more than 30 points ahead of the next choice. I think tonight’s debate proved I am the most qualified candidate to address the serious economic issues we are facing as a country and you are most concerned about at home.
I am going to bring our jobs back from foreign countries, reduce taxes and eliminate much of the waste, fraud and abuse that has persisted in Washington, D.C. for far too long under the leadership of all talk, no action politicians.
I am a proven leader with unparalleled capabilities in regards to economic issues. I understand how to reduce the deficit and create a dynamic economy that will thrive under my proposed policies including my Tax Plan and Trade Reform, addressing the trade imbalance and currency manipulation by China.
Additionally, out of all the candidates, I am by far the strongest on illegal immigration. I am the only candidate to offer a plan that addresses border security with my proposal to build a wall and subsequent steps to address the millions of individuals here illegally with new policies that limit our exposure to economic issues that are a direct result of the catastrophic system that is broken. I know that my immigration policies will protect American jobs and create many new ones.
With your support, we will dominate the post- debate polls and Make America Great Again!

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Donald J. Trump

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