Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ben Carson's Mother Verifies He Tried to Stab Classmate Parade Magazine Article 1997

In Baltamore there has been a play called Ben Carson M.D. that ran for 2 years and in the play the actor tells about trying to stab a classmate (2nd page bottom of first column). Ben's mother Sonya was in the audience with the writer of this article and verified it was true Ben did try to stab a classmate).

Here’s that portion of the Parade Magazine article from 1997:
A young actor recreated the moment when, at 14, Ben Carson pulled a knife on a classmate and tried to stab him in the abdomen. Only the other boy’s metal belt buckle kept Ben from cutting him and going to prison instead of to Yale. “Oh, that really happened,” Sonya told me. “I sat him down and told him that you don’t accomplish much by being a bully. You accomplish more with kindness than you ever do by being harsh.” Sonya realized that the violence of the streets could easily ensnare her sons, and she made it her job to ensure that that would not happen.

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