Monday, October 5, 2015

Stop Violence Outlaw Guns and Public Expressions of any Religious Faith

J Marshall Presnell
In the tragic wake of the Oregon massacre, there is a national discussion going on about how to prevent such an incident in the future.
There are the standard calls for more gun control, and I think that's an outstanding idea!
But we really shouldn't stop there. This killer was motivated by hate towards Christians in particular. Non-Christians were injured, but not killed. So, to prevent incidents against folks of religious conviction, we should also outlaw all public expressions of any religious faith. Obviously, since religious people tend to congregate at churches, synagogues, and mosques, we should outlaw any meetings of religious people as well. This will make these targets hard to find in groups and much safer.
Mental health issues also play a huge part in mass shootings. This (and associated drugs) has been shown to be a very significant relation in the past 25 years. Therefore, all citizens should report for a psychological evaluation on a regular basis - those deemed unable to safely posses a weapon will be marked by a RFID chip in the palms of both hands. To be very safe, anyone who has ever reported depression to medical personnel will be marked, and anyone with PTSD. Same with all drug users, especially prescription medications that are classed for mental health.
Also, each school will need to psychologically screen every student every school year. If a child is deemed as a threat to others, they too will receive the RFID implants. If the fault in the child's mental acuity is judged to be the fault of the parents, the child will be taken and raised by the state, and the parent sterilized to prevent any further problems.
All current gun owners will be compelled (at gunpoint if necessary) to trade their dumb weapons into smart weapons - ones that will not fire if a RFID chip is detected by the grips of the weapon.
Now, if you thought that ANY one of these ideas was a good one, but the others you'd fight to your dying breath, you're a hypocrite. All of these 'suggestions' have the same fundamental flaw: they deprive you of an inalienable right without cause. Whether that right is freedom of speech, expression, religion, assembly, defense, privacy, or protections against unlawful search and seizure - you no longer have it because of the actions of someone OTHER than you.
Gun control can't ever work - look at where the most restrictive gun laws are enacted, then look at the gun-related crime there (Chicago anyone?). It simply can't work because the bad guys don't obey laws. Religion control and speech control and prohibition can't work either. We seem to have forgotten that EACH right we have is precious - no matter if you personally like it or not.
Would you like to live in a world as described above? Where the government has so much power that you can't even escape them in the privacy of your own mind? Where they can take your kids based on a single evaluation from a possibly biased bureaucratic evaluator with an agenda to grind? Where they can MANDATE your compliance to do whatever they want - even if it's the most heinous thing you can possibly imagine?
If so, you are what is wrong with America today.
EVERY right matters. Even the ones you disagree with. Defend them all or eventually lose them all - there are no other choices.

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