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Republican Party of Maricopa County's Negative View on School Ballot Measures

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This isn't the first time that Tyler Bowyer Chair of Republican Party of Maricopa County has struck out on his own without consulting the GOP voters on an issue. be
The Republican Party of Maricopa County revealed itself as a party in name only.
The group's vote to oppose every school district override and bond election in the county represents a full abdication of responsibility to provide meaningful leadership.
It is an example of how to make an organization laughably irrelevant.
The blanket opposition to more than two dozen requests from school districts for financial help is painfully out of touch with the harsh realities of the state's public-education system.
Yet in a press release crowing about its "just say no" approach to override and bond requests, Tyler Bowyer, head of the Maricopa County Republican Party, shoveled out the usual cant about how "school districts continue to waste millions of taxpayer dollars . . . while simultaneously complaining that they are strapped for cash."
Average Arizonans see it very differently, pollsters say.
Republicans who get elected see it differently, too.
And not automatic, either. Each district has to make the case to voters. Districts have to win support based on individual proposals and circumstances. A lot rides on the level of trust voters have for those running the schools.
Each case is different. The Maricopa GOP's wild swing "unanimously to formally oppose" all of them countywide smacks of pure ideological opposition to helping schools.
It makes the group an embarrassment to mainstream Republicans and rational conservatives. For the majority of Arizona voters who are registered as independent or Democratic, it is evidence the Maricopa GOP is more about comic relief than thoughtful analysis. of a pattern.
The Maricopa County Republican Party does not represent the Republican Party, which has a long and distinguished history in this state. It represents the ridiculous.
Via MCRC Briefs The Republican Party of Maricopa County Executive Guidance CouncilUnanimously Opposes All School District Override And Bond Ballot Initiatives, Countywide “Public school systems in Maricopa County and across the state must live within their means, just as the hard working Arizonans that comprise their respective tax bases have had to do,” said Republican Party of Maricopa County Chairman Tyler Bowyer. “It is unacceptable that these public school districts continue to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on bloated administrator salaries, pet projects and unnecessary infrastructure, while simultaneously complaining that they are strapped for cash.”  The K-12 public school system in Arizona has demonstrated a decades long unwillingness to prioritize the needs of students and teachers first. To empower the very administrators that have repeatedly failed to focus on the needs of students with even more hard-earned tax dollars is fiscally irresponsible and bad for Arizona children and taxpayers. The Republican Party of Maricopa County opposes these attempts to increase taxes.  Contact: Jake Hoffman, Communications Director, (480) 980-7020, 
Via MCRC Briefs   “The Maricopa County GOP is calling for sweeping reforms to school district override election laws, in order to ensure that the voting public is no longer misled regarding how the money will be spent should the tax increase be approved,”  according to Communications Director Jake Hoffman.
“The overwhelming majority of voters in Arizona are unaware that school districts are only legally obligated to spend override monies on the priorities outlined in the official voter pamphlets and promoted by pro-tax political action committees in the first year. After year one, school districts are free to waste the override dollars on whatever non-essential, non-classroom purposes they choose,”  Hoffman’s release reads.
"Legislation to correct the widespread voter confusion as to how override dollars can be spent and the manner in which those expenditures are communicated to the public prior to the election is long overdue," said Hoffman. "As a former elected school board member, I have sat in public meetings where in response to questions about the spending priorities listed in the voter pamphlet language, the district’s staff attorney has advised the board not to worry about the specifics of the language because the district is only legally obligated to spend the money as indicated in the first year and then it can be spent however the district desires."

“Arizona school children and the education they receive are too important to be left to these bait-and-switch tax schemes pushed by public school district administrators under the guise of teacher pay and smaller classes, when in reality the steep decline in dollars going to classroom tells us that these very district leaders intend to squander the money on non-classroom expenditures,”  according to Hoffman’s release. Contact: Hoffman  (480) 980-7020

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  1. I am a Republican with a child in public school, I am a retired veteran and substitute teacher. These guys don't represent me and they simply don't understand. The Legislature several years ago stopped funding school facilities repairs - that is one huge cost. Who is taking kids to school - buses - feeding them - the lunch people (which by the way is Federally funded in Title I schools, so they don't know what they are talking about again) - support services include paraprofessionals to help kids with disabilities and learning issues - helping them go from class to class - they are support. Charter schools for the most part don't take special ed kids. Thousands of active duty military kids are in Arizona schools - and those schools are underfunded - what can of "patriots" are in the AZ GOP advocating turn-down of funding that hurts all those active duty kids in public schools (there are no DoD schools, the kids go to public schools)? I am a Republican, a past PC and state committeeman and deeply disappointed in the lack of intelligence at the county GOP ... and I challenge any of them to come endure what I do when I teach - we need the dollars to simply do our best to help our kids be successful. Jon Altmann, USN (Ret.)


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