Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ICYMI:Donald Trump on Special Report with Bret Baier VIDEO

On "Special Report", Donald Trump reiterated his opposition to the U.S. accepting Syrian refugees. Trump noted that the Obama administration has agreed to receive tens of thousands of refugees. He said it's disturbing to see "so many young, strong men" among those fleeing the war-torn Middle East, and not as many women. "No documentation, we have no idea where they come from, we have no idea who they are," Trump said. "It could be the all-time great Trojan Horse." He explained that his fear is that there could be ISIS operatives among the refugees, who could then strike within America. "This would blow the Trojan Horse away."

In a sit-down interview with Baier, the front-running GOP candidate also said he thought eminent domain, suggested property owners shouldn’t hold out in situations where a factory or other job-creation project is proposed and discredited the charge eminent domain meant the government simply grabbed Americans’ homes and other properties.
“Most of the time it’s more money,” said Trump, who also criticized a major critic of the tactic, the influential fiscal conservative group Club for Growth.
When Baier asked Trump if he stood by a statement he made 2007 and 2008 saying he would impeach Bush for getting into the Iraq War, Trump replied, “I think he was a disaster and I think it was one of the worst decisions ever made. (He) has totally destabilized the Middle East. If you had Saddam Hussein, you wouldn’t have the problems you have right now.”
Trump insisted that he is the “most militarist” candidate in the 2016 presidential field but stood behind his recently-stated position that the United States should allow Russia to continue airstrikes in Syria that are hitting Islamic State fighters.
“If somebody wants to go hit ISIS, that’s OK with me,” said Trump, whose campaign has been criticized for too much showmanship and too little specifics on foreign and domestic policy.
Trump also expressed frustration with the constant questions from reporters about whether he’ll stay in the 2016 race, despite leading the GOP field in essentially every poll since early summer.

“That’s dishonest reporting,” he said. “I’m not going to get out of the races. … I’m having a great time. I want to make America great again.”

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