Sunday, October 25, 2015

Glamour Magazine Awarded "Woman of the Year" to a Man with a PENIS

Bookmark that while you read Glamour Magazine is naming him as their “Woman of the Year.” Caitlyn Jenner formaly known as Bruce Jenner receives Woman of the Year.

The liberal feminazi media has decided to shove Bruce “Call Me Caitlyn” Jenner down our throats as some kind of noble hero once again. This time, it’s Glamour Magazine, which hasdecided to appoint him their “Woman of the Year”… even though, you know, he’s a dude with a penis.
As a woman, this is incredibly insulting — could they not have chosen an actual woman to give the award to? They are ignoring countless women with actual accomplishments to favor a man from one of the most notorious famewhore families in existence whose only achievements for this year were that he has gotten lots of ass pats for dressing in drag, pretending to be a woman, and — oh yeah! — killing someone. Right… obviously there are no better candidates for Woman of the Year.

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