Friday, October 23, 2015

FULL Donald Trump Rally Speech in Anderson South Carolina 10-19-15 Video

Donald Trump ROCKS Anderson SC with largest crowd ever gathered in facility.

Donald Trump Anderson South Carolina Campaign Rally 10/19/2015. As many as 7943 people are at the rally Monday evening for Donald Trump in Anderson, South Carolina. 
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It is being called the biggest political event ever in Anderson, and people began lining up at 2 Monday afternoon at the Convention Center-- four hours before Trump's speech was to start.
First in line was Gary Labombard, a military veteran who has never voted before.

"I'm 70-years-old and I've never voted in my life. Donald Trump brought me out and I'm determined I'm going to vote for him," Labombard said.

Some of Trump's comments about women have cost him some supporters, but not Kim Moss, who brought her daughter Sable along to see the GOP frontrunner in person.

"I understand the thing about women, but I think he is a ladies' man, and he likes women to be froofroo, and I can get that," she said.

South Carolina's primary next year will be the first in the South, and this is Trump's second recent visit to the Upstate, where polls generally show him to be the most popular of all the Republicans running.

Nita Shirley is another supporter who believes Trump is the candidate with the most going for him.

"I like that he can be independent of anyone and maybe he can straighten out out government."

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