Sunday, October 18, 2015

Donald Trump Tynesborough Campaign Rally FULL Speech video

Published on Oct 16, 2015
Donald Trump spoke at a political rally at an elementary school in Tyngsborough, Mass., located just northwest of Boston. Trump in Tyngsborough:
 "What's happening with this Obamacare is a disaster. According to the Boston Globe, members of a local pro-choice group are expected to picket the event. Trump’s comments came after Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle asked him if he would be capable of comforting the nation in the event of a mass catastrophe like the 9/11 attacks or the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Conn. “I think I have a bigger heart than all of them," Trump told Ruhle in response. "I think I’m much more competent then all of them. I mean, say what you want, the World Trade Center came down during his time.”

Ruhle pushed back, saying, “Hold on, you can’t blame George Bush for that."
“He was president, okay? Blame him or don’t blame him, but he was president," Trump said. "The World Trade Center came down during his reign."

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