Saturday, October 10, 2015

Donald Trump Norcross, GA Campaign Rally FULL Speech video

Donald Trump Rally In Norcross, GA 10-10-15: at the rally gop front runner donald trump said" “This is a movement! We are going to do something so special. It is not the silent majority anymore.

People were not inspired when Romney ran. We are going to get a lot of liberals and Democrats because you know what? They want to see the country get better!” trump says Clinton shouldn't be allowed to runRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump cites Hillary Clinton's email controversy as a reason for why she shouldn't run for president Why is Trump leading? “Because of my looks!” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is set to speak at a Georgia rally Saturday afternoon. “We’re going to fight the whole anchor baby situation which is insane.” He says he is right on the 14th amendment and many legal scholars are telling him he is right. “So we are going to END IT. Congratulations! We are taking care of you for 85 yrs since you are an anchor baby! I DON’T THINK SO!”

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