Thursday, October 8, 2015

Did you see the Op-Ed? in the Arizona Republic


Monday, the Arizona Republic published an opinion piece by House Democratic Leader Meyer and Senate Leader Hobbs asking Republicans how they can oppose such a straightforward education funding plan. Read it here.
The Democratic Caucus plan:
  • Supports a long-term investment and the foundation for Arizona’s future economic success
  • Provides nearly $4 billion for public education during the first 10 years and protects funding levels after that
  • Does not rob future generations by harming the principal of the state land trust fund
  • Does not raise taxes and can be implemented immediately
Read more about the plan here. It uses surplus revenues, is based on non-partisan projections from JLBC and will still leave funds for other priorities as well, including higher education and child safety.
We need to settle this lawsuit, respect the will of voters, and restore the inflation money owed to our schools. We have the money, let’s get it where it’s needed.

Lela Alston
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