Monday, October 19, 2015

Buy An American Pride Calendar - Educate Yourself & Your Children 2016 American Pride Calendar

What is the American pride project…It is patriotism and principals…Our constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of rights…Helping and honoring our veterans… Made in America product discounts and strengthening our countries economy while learning about our nation’s history… If America is important to you and you are also concerned about its future then we are honored to introduce you to the American Pride calendar…where history is the teacher of our future, where faith and patriotism go hand in hand, and where benefits to America’s veterans, citizens, and business are united. 
American Pride is not just an ordinary calendar. It is a high gloss spiral bound, 12” by 20” inch work of art, weighing over 1 lb. and packed full of true American history. Short historical details from the mayflower voyage, to a midnight ride, from our first military conflict to the largest church in our nation’s early history, from the hiding of old glory, to the Newberg conspiracy to learning about our ladies of valor and our forgotten heroes. Included in this manuscript of history, you will also learn about our patriots and their principles, as well as a month by month study of our Bill of rights… facts about American history that will not only help you teach your children or grandchildren about our country’s history, but maybe even yourself as well. 
On the back of each month’s calendar page, you will find saving opportunities on made in America products. Over 30 USA companies will be offering substantial discounts as a way of inviting you to try their products and to help strengthen America’s economy. Wither you save $20.00 or over 500.00 from the American Pride Calendar discounts, you will benefit in using some of these great made in America products. 
Then as if all of that is not enough, this remarkable product at the end of the year is not thrown away as other calendars are… but becomes a table top book of history for your home or office … for your family & guest to enjoy for years to come.
A quality product, Valuable Savings & Discounts on made in America products, history and awareness about our country….you just wouldn’t think it could get any better… But then on top of it all… the Faithwalk Corporation - that designed and developed this product, will pay the appropriate sales tax were required and the shipping cost of this product to your home. Faithwalk will also donate 100% of the net profits of this product to the Honor fight project, Taps program and other veterans and nonprofit organizations. 
So, Order now and enjoy your 2016 American Pride calendar and be a part of giving back to those veterans that gave of themselves so that we all could have freedom and liberty in this great nation we call America.

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