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Randy Pullen
The below is the response the Arizona Republic refused to print in “My Turn” written about a Tweet I made during the Democrat debate on October 13th.
As a Republican and life member of the NRA, I found many of the statements and responses the Democrat candidates made during their debate on ending violence through gun control to be ridiculous and unsupported by facts and figures readily available to anyone who would take the time to research the issue.
Among the many tweets I made during the Democrat debate on their progressive left wing statements and policy initiatives was the following:
Of course, the left wing bloggers and wantabe journalists jumped on this statement and took it out of context, because that is what they do. For reasons unknown, E.J. Montini jumped on the band wagon and posted the following on the Arizona Republic website regarding my tweet:
When faced with ignorant comments at a high level, it is sometimes best to simply get out of the way and allow the speaker the room he requires to open his mouth and insert his foot...”
If Mr. Montini had seriously reviewed my twitter feed as other professional journalist did, he may have realized he was inserting his foot into his mouth or maybe was going off half-cocked. That said, maybe this is a teaching moment for Mr. Montini, as President Obama might say.
The point I made in the Fox 10 news, ABC 15 news and CBS 5 interviews after Mr. Montini’s post earlier in the day Wednesday was guns are not the cause of violence, people are. My reference to the unfortunate statistics of black murders mostly at the hands of black men dramatized the point. Violence is the result of social and poor economic conditions not because of guns. The example all five Democrat candidates like to cite as a ready solution is the gun ban in Australia; however, it is not the cause of their declining murder and violent crime rates based on their figures.
A simple fact check will verify my point. Australia and America both experienced similar decreases in murder rates: Between 1989 and 2007, according to the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), the murder rate in Australia declined 31.9%; according to FBI statistics the United States (without a gun ban) murder rate dropped 31.7%.
In 2002, five years after enacting its gun ban, the AIC acknowledged there is no correlation between gun control and the use of firearms in violent crime: “The percentage of homicides committed with a firearm continued its declining trend since 1969.”
To further emphasize that guns are not the cause of violence in Australia, Matthew Willis, research officer from the AIC, in an article written in July of this year in attempted to explain the reason the murder rate in the Northern Territory of Australia is five times higher than the rest of Australia by stating, “Those rates are genuine as much as they do represent that proportion of population. But there are also higher levels of violence and, in particular, the higher rate of alcohol-related violence particularly in indigenous communities in NT. The Northern Territory also has higher rates of imprisonment, especially among the indigenous population. And the rates of family violence among indigenous people is much higher than non-indigenous. I think it all stems from overall issues of disadvantage, and living in such difficult circumstances.”
But why stop here? Hillary wants to hold gun manufacturers liable for gun deaths and injuries.  Why not hold auto manufacturers liable for deaths caused by cars, or hold breweries and wineries liable for DUIs and deaths due to alcohol? I could cite many other facts and figures that would support my position, and demonstrate the ridiculousness of the Democrat candidates, but let me end it with a simple analogy.  If guns are the cause of violence, then how does one explain the violence and murder of the Middle Ages in Europe, which far exceeds anything we could ever imagine today, and they had no guns.
The irony of all this is the black community overwhelmingly supports Democrat candidates.  Yet, the obvious extension of the Democrat belief that guns cause violence is they would take guns away from all citizens, which would not solve the problem of violence and murders in poor communities. Democrats are not willing to admit their big government policies of the last 50 years have not done much to improve the lives of the poor in this country. 

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