Friday, October 30, 2015

A Designer VAGINA? Never In My Wildest Dreams

Change the look of your VAGINA-Unbelievable
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The number of women willing to put their vagina's under the knife, in order to look more chic while wearing certain clothing, increased by nearly 50 percent from 2013-2014, according to the The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
The Daily Mail reports girls and women, ages 16-70 are opting for Labiaplasty, which is a cosmetic operation performed on the labia majora, or “lips” surrounding the vagina, although the surgery can be performed on the the labia minora – the smaller, internal vaginal “lips.”
49% rise in 'designer vagina' surgery in US from 2013 to 2014
Dr Jennifer Walden: Labiaplasty is 'among most popular ops for women'
Desire to look good in yoga pants and swimsuits is fuelling the rise
Women more aware of their genital area because of access to pornographic images and the trend for total pubic hair removal Full Article

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