Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tucson is In Trouble and Needs You Help to Elect New Leadership

My first introduction to Arizona was Tucson and I fell in love with people and the mountains.I was the manager for Cliff Manor Resort and an apartment building on Tanque Verde. My brother and his family still live there. be
The only thing which can reverse the slide is new city leadership - and if we don't succeed in the current election we might not have another chance anytime soon. Tucson has been a wonderful city to grow up, live and work in but we face problems which the three Democrat incumbents (Romero, Scott and Cunningham) have been unable to solve. 

I rarely send messages to my email list - let alone actually ask for money support. With our city at such an important crossroad this is a critical time is why I must appeal to all my friends and colleagues. Please give just a bit of support ($10) to three extraordinary candidates for the Tucson City Council - Kelly Lawton, Bill Hunt and Margaret Burkholder. Your help will make a huge difference in this election because your gift will be matched in kind with city matching funds. Even if you don't live in the city please give now because once our candidates qualify for the match, the city will match your gift.

Our candidates are successful members of our community. Kelly is an educator and the director of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Tucson.  Bill is an engineer with Raytheon and active in humanitarian projects. Margaret is a certified Arizona Master Teacher and member of the Vail School Board who helped lead her school district from mediocre to best-in-state last year.

Each candidate only needs less than 50 of these tiny donations from residents who live within the Tucson city limits which will trigger matching funds in excess of $50,000. (Non-resident donations also double in the cumulative total.) With this money, we will get three top-notch people elected to our City Council and work with Steve Kozachik and the mayor on new road projects, put more cops in the streets and develop more good paying jobs.

Please go to The website and $10 per candidate (more if you can) is almost painless. Do it now. The entire process only takes a few minutes and is painless. (If you can manage only $10, that's OK too.)
If you don't like using your card on line, please mail checks and your employment info to GOPHQ at 17 W Wetmore, 85705.
Join me in making a very worthwhile gift to the future of our wonderful city.
Thank you. 
Bruce Ash

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